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September 15, 2009 - Caserta, Italy
Well, I made it!  MY mom and sister made it!  They're in my room now sleeping...like zombies..haha.  I remember how that felt and it sucks.  I took them to get some mozzarella di bufala, then to the market to get veggies, then I made them panini's...we packed for Rome, and now we're about to head out to the train station.  We're going to stay overnight in Rome, see Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps tonight...then tomorrow morning going to the Papal Audience, and going to see the...
By Danielle in Daniela in Italia

My last night alone :)
September 15, 2009 - Caserta, Italy
2:15am; Yesterday was a lovely, relaxing day. Slept in, cleaned up the house, BBQ’ed and then went to some place by Franci’s house. We were supposed to wear our Caserta shirts and our medal and were told we were getting presented at a city event. I’m not sure what I imagined, ut it was nowhere near what it actually turned out to be..haha. It was in the parking lot of a church, there were lawn chairs and people all sitting in a big circle watching people do routine dances and maybe 200...
By Danielle in Daniela in Italia

September 13, 2009 - Caserta, Italy
  6:15pm; The last 24 hours has been so full of excitement and celebration I haven't had a chance to unwind and explain it all!  So, we beat Forli in two games last night and are National Champions!!!!!!  The TV crew was there and we got medals and the whole team got a huge trophy and it was awesome.  Definitely the biggest win I have ever been a part of.  It was so cool.  It's all over every newspaper and tonight we are going to San Clemente in Caserta where the town is going to...
By Danielle in Daniela in Italia

Let the games begin...
September 12, 2009 - Caserta, Italy
12:45pm; Today is the final series of our play-off championships!!! We have two games tonight and if we win both, we’re not only league champs, but also play-off champs!! If we win one and lose one, then we ply a 5th game tomorrow morning at 10am…if we lose both, then we get second place. I’m super excited. Only in Caserta, on a Saturday, would I be woken up at 8am to the fireworks lasting for 20 minutes (complete with a grand finale) and then again at 10am to the sound of a marching...
By Danielle in Daniela in Italia

I want to be loved…is that too much to ask?
September 11, 2009 - Caserta, Italy
3:45pm; YAY YAY YAY! I have my plane ticket home! I feel so relieved…I also got seats next to my sister and my mom on the way home so I’m super excited. I just came from next door and while the girls were signing a ball for me…I had a nice little conversation with Pam that went something like this….. Me: I’m so happy to finally have my plane ticket home :) Pam: Good for you Dani…. Me: Is that sarcasm? Pam: a little bit Me: What…I can’t be happy? Pam: No, you can, but I don’t...
By Danielle in Daniela in Italia

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