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In Florence
June 3, 2014 - Florence, Italy
After unfolding ourselves from the Luftansa sardine can, we really enjoyed the "normal" seating arrangement on our flight from Frankfurt to Florence.   Florence is usually our first "stop" in Italy to deal with jet lag. The airport is small and not as hectic as airports in major cities.   The city, despite his very large contingent of tourists, is more "manageable" when one is suffering from jet-lag, compared, for instance, to Rome. We arrived at around 5 p.m. Italy time.  The taxi ride...
By Nancy and Luigi in To Italy (again)!

Flying to Frankfurt, feeling like sardines
June 3, 2014 - Florence, Italy
So, here we are, heading back to Italy. Last March we went to the British Virgin Island for a 10 days sail with our friends (Gerald and Rebecca, and Gerry and Joan).  We had no chance to keep our blog up to date.  We had a great time, snorkelling, sailing swimming with turtles and Sting rays, and, of course, trying various rum punches.... As we type on the way to Europe, we are somewhere over the ocean, sitting in very, very, we mean, extremely small seats ... an interesting experience...
By Nancy and Luigi in To Italy (again)!

To Italy ... again!
May 18, 2013 - Florence, Italy
  We are … in Italy again! This year, instead of staying within the Umbria, Tuscany, Rome regions, Luigi will take me to the south to explore Sicily and then we will make a trip to the Alps.  We will go from one end of the Italian peninsula, to the very north, i.e. from potentially hot weather, to 2-3000 meters of elevation in the mountains …packing light has been a challenge! As you probably have guessed from the number of previous travel posts … it would seem we just can't stay...
By Nancy and Luigi in To Italy (again)!

Day 9-May 5-Springtime of the Renaissance
May 5, 2013 - Florence, Italy
Hello everyone, Day 9-May 5-Springtime of the Renaissance At breakfast this morning we met couples from Minnesota, Michigan, and Texas.  Interesting to talk to and they are enjoying Italy as much as we are.  Of course it started raining just after breakfast and we had to make the walk with umbrellas. We walked to Palazzo Strozzi to the the art exhibit, The Springtime of the Renaissance.  It's an unbelievable collection of 140 pieces, mostly sculpture, because that was the first medium...
By Jerry in BELLA ITALIA 2013

Day 8-May 4-Off to Florence
May 5, 2013 - Florence, Italy
  Day 8-May 4-Off to Florence We had breakfast and caught the 8:37 Regionale from Varenna to Milan.  From there we got on the Frecciarossa, the fast train, to Florence.  After the trip, grabbing a quick lunch, getting to our hotel in Florence and checking in, it was almost 3 pm.  We didn't do too much today. It was HOT in Florence, sunny and beautiful and about 79 degrees.  We took a walk down by the Duomo.  Incredible crowds!!!!  We bought a gelato and walked over to the Piazza della...
By Jerry in BELLA ITALIA 2013

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