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Day 15-May 11-A Walk Around Rome
May 11, 2013 - Rome, Italy
Day 15-May 11-A Walk Around Rome This morning started cloudy and gray and we were afraid it may rain.  The weatherman said it wouldn't, and it didn't.  Later in the day it cleared and became a very nice warm sunny day. We talked to a very nice couple from Toronto while in the roof top breakfast room.  It was their first trip to Italy and their first full day in Rome.  They had stopped in Il Gelatone on their walk they took after arriving, and they raved about the gelato.  I told them we...
By Jerry in BELLA ITALIA 2013

Day 14-May 10-Vatican & Trastevere
May 10, 2013 - Rome, Italy
Day 14-May 10-Vatican & Trastevere We headed for the Vatican because I had some shopping to do at the Vatican Gift Shop for some folks back home. We bought a Metro day pass, validated it, and went though the entry gate.  After waiting about 10 minutes or so, they announced that there was a problem and the Metros were not running. We met a very friendly and helpful Italian young lady who spoke some English.  She said that since we were headed to Termini to walk there; about 3/4 of a mile....
By Jerry in BELLA ITALIA 2013

Day 13-May 9-Rome-The Eternal City
May 9, 2013 - Rome, Italy
Day 13-May 9-Rome-The Eternal City We got up early and had a quick breakfast and drove to Orvieto, about an hour away.  The car rental agency didn't open until 8:30 and we had a 9:09 train to catch, so I did the key drop. While standing on the platform awaiting the train, we had a great conversation with a couple of sisters from Maine who brought their 84 year old father to Italy.  He was stationed in Italy during the very early 50's and wanted to return.  He was interesting to talk to...
By Jerry in BELLA ITALIA 2013

Day 9 Free day in Rome
January 5, 2013 - Rome, Italy
  I woke up feeling rested and refreshed ready for the day ahead. There were a few people that were hung over as they had a toga party at the camping site the night before. This is what I am not really keen on, I would rather get some sleep and be hung over to enjoy the day. We had to meet at the bus by 8am as we had a guided tour of Vatican city. It was a amazing to see, we had an English tour guide and she was so full of energy and enthusiasm for the Vatican city which made the tour more...
By Raelene in My Adventures

Day 8 Florence to Rome
January 4, 2013 - Rome, Italy
  We are headed to Rome today. After coming back late last night in the cold my throat is killing me, I think I am coming down with a cold. Im sure the germs are going through the bus. Driving along it is quite misty and cant see too much of the countryside! Only a short driving day today, we stopped off at a little village called Orevetto. We had to catch the funicolor to get up to the top of the mountain to the village. There was a cathedral on the hill called Duomo Di Orvieto. It cost 3...
By Raelene in My Adventures

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