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October 2, 2011 - Hiroshima, Japan
 Ok so we arrived in Hiroshima the other day and had really nice evening weather. We walked from are hotel to a rebuilt castle in which we got to dress up as samuri. around the castle we saw some ruins from the A-bomb and a tree that amazingly survived. We then headed to the A-bomb dome, this is an old building (with a dome roof) that was almost directly under the bomb although in ruins the dome roof remains. This was right next door to the mermorial park where we walked round and saw a few...
By Ben in Japanese adventure

April 10, 2011 - Hiroshima, Japan
After the earthquake our school was closed for a few days and there was huge panic about the nuclear crisis which prompted many people to leave Tokyo and for some to flee the country completely.  We decided to take the time to visit Hiroshima, in part to keep our anxious families happy and put a bit of distance between us and Fukushima but also to relax a bit after what had been a stressful week. We spent four nights at a hostel in Hiroshima and although it was an unplanned trip and we...
By Gemma in my travels while teaching abroad

2xTokyo, Nikko and a brief visit to Hiroshima.
September 27, 2009 - Hiroshima, Japan
My premature return to Tokyo was not to be wasted and I met up with one of Andy's (my brother) old university friends, Shota at Shinjuku station early in the morning. We decided to spend the day in Nikko, a couple of hours on the train north of Tokyo. Nikko is more temples, but they are up there with the best. The shogun used to come here from Edo and you can tell that the place wasn't short of money. Everything that can be trimmed with gold has been and there were numerous impressive wooden...
By Nick Mike Nick in 3 Beers Please

Hiroshima - a testament to the resilience of life
February 16, 2009 - Hiroshima, Japan
 My last day in Japan I stopped in Hiroshima. As in Nagasaki, the experience can only be experienced, not described. While Hiroshima was (numerically at least) even more tragic than Nagasaki and today the rememberance of that is embraced on an even grander scale (the museum, park, shrine, etc are all larger and moe dramatic)...what really stuck with me in Hiroshima is what a BEAUTIFUL CITY it is. Near the end of the museum is a picture of a tree (I don't even know what kind of tree it...
By Billy in My Explorations

Konichiwa from Hiroshima!
September 9, 2008 - Hiroshima, Japan
Just a quick update to say we've moved on to Japan. We got our flight this morning from Hong Kong to Fukuoka without any problems and managed to get our rail passes ok once we arrived. It was all very easy and we jumped on a Bullet Train to Hiroshima which took a little over an hour. After catching the local tram we arrived at our hotel. Apparently there are trams dating back to the 1940s here, as all the other cities sent theirs here when they got rid of them. We've seen quite a few antique...
By Richard & Cara in Cara & Richard's 2008 Adventure

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