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Day 1: Kobe
June 4, 2008 - Kobe, Japan
Beware, Japan! The gaijin have arrived!! Today Randy took off of work, so we decided to do some exploration of Kobe. We grabbed some onigiri rice balls from the store and headed to downtown. Randy’s train stop, Tanigami Station, is apparently one of the more expensive stops in Japan, ataround 510 yen ( about 5 bucks ). We rode the train a little ways with one mission : see the local daibustu ( giant Buddha ). The daibutsu was a lot less crowded than I expected.... asin, there...
By Matt and Jess in Japan

June 3, 2008 - Kobe, Japan
So I'd never been on a plane before... After having been up since 9am Sunday morning, we decided to go ahead and pull an all-nighter so we could sleep on the plane. Our first flight, from Atlanta to Toronto, was a micro-mini plane, with 10 rows on each side. Matt said he wasn't sure if our attendant was gay or just really French... Going thru U.S. security to board it SUCKED, since I had my sandals on and had to take off my shoes. =( We went thru customs in Toronto, the less than...
By Matt and Jess in Japan

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