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Nara & Kyoto
January 5, 2013 - Kyoto, Japan
This is our last night in Kyoto: tomorrow we go to Hakone after a quick stop in Mishima to look at the shrine and meet up with some friends, including Sheridan and her mum :D Today we did & saw so much - first the Todaiji Shrine (largest wooden structure in the world, housing the Big Buddha) then Kasuga Shrine with over 3,000 stone lanterns on the way up to the shrine. Deer EVERYWHERE!!! After a really delicious lunch included in our tour, we returned to Kyoto to visit Nijo Castle, the...
By 2013 Unity College Japanese Trip Group in 2013 Unity College trip to Japan & Chusugi

Kyoto part 2
October 22, 2011 - Kyoto, Japan
So we are back in Kyoto. Checked into our hostel "Gojo guest house" and the first night it was just me & Dan in the doorm. The first night we went to find the falafel place as we had enjoyed it so much in Nara. After this we walked back to a bar that we had been to last time we where in Kyoto. We made plans the next day to head to a flea market at a temple south of the station. It was really busy and had some interesting things after this we headed to the new shopping area and did a bit more...
By Ben in Japanese adventure

October 20, 2011 - Kyoto, Japan
We arrived in Nara and checked into our small hostel, only 3mins walk from the station. We explored the locale area and found a falafel restaurant for super as a change from Japanese it was really nice a the guy told us he has another one in Kyoto so might check it out. The next day we did a long sightseeing walk through a big parkland area and saw some amazing temples. One temple is the biggest wooden structure in the world, amazingly it is only 2/3 of the size it once was. This housed one...
By Ben in Japanese adventure

October 5, 2011 - Kyoto, Japan
 Arived in Kyoto and after leaving the bags at the hotel headed out to vist the Fushimi shribe wich has over 3000 Shinto gates joining together to form passages through the woods. After having Sushi as a late lunch we checked into the hotel. In the late afternoon we tavled on the bus to Gion (the geisha district) to look around some more temples and view the cobblestone streets of the geisha area. In the evening we ate at a hotpot restaurant were we cooked meat in a bubbling broth. The next...
By Ben in Japanese adventure

#9 Kyoto Update
June 27, 2010 - Kyoto, Japan
Finally getting around to adding the last of the Kyoto trip photos. We ventured in to this tiny shop that sells yukattas, kimonos etc. Kimonos run into the thousands of dollars as they are made out of silk and have many components. The cotton summer yukatta is considerable cheaper; a few thousan yen. I will wear it to the summer festival. While trying on the different patterned yukattas we were melting as it was so hot.
By Lyn in Lyn In Japan

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