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Unzen: "Smelly Egg City"
February 13, 2009 - Shimabara, Japan
 Racing off to another city. Not quite adjusted to the time difference, I am still rising at UNGODLY hours of the morning- even by my standards.  Fortunately, my hostel had an onsite mineral hot bath, so I took advantage of the early hour to indulge myself than take a peak at Unzen, a city on an active volcano (which blew in 1991) that has the unique quality of bubbling hot springs throughout it's little mountain resort - all of which reek of sulphur.    It was a nice little trip (quieter...
By Billy in My Explorations

Shimabara by night
February 12, 2009 - Shimabara, Japan
 Shimabara is a small coastal city just a couple of hours from Nagasaki.  Arriving at night, I set out to explore, first stopping at a supermarket and taking my dinner sitting curbside while receiving an odd glance from just about every shopper. Shimabara was a reminder that cities start to look the same...however...this one had a giant castle in the middle of it.  I was inspired by the mystique of the castle at night and set out to explore the surrounding area (which had formerly...
By Billy in My Explorations


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