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Tour starts ..... Takayama
September 28, 2011 - Takayama, Japan
 So we have met up with our tour group after accidently turning up at the hotel it started at 1 day early. The hotel was huge but the area around it is pretty boring so we have been venturing off on the trains to find more interesting places. I know its more about food but we had this delicious eel with a sweet sticky source on it. So come the following day we met up with our goup in the evening. Its like something out of that programe coach trip. We have a newly wed couple from n.island,...
By Ben in Japanese adventure

April 12, 2009 - Takayama, Japan
April 12, 2009.  Weather sunny Takayama is quite a large, low rise town and like most Japanese towns is quite colourless except for the cherry blossoms.  Houses are shades of brown and grey and sometimes white with brown and grey trim. Gardens for food crops are in every spare plot of ground. First stop this morning is a farmers market on a narrow road along the river.  Saw lots of interesting things from foods to crafts. Sampled a few things, but only the things I recognised and could...
By Lyn and Lowell in Circle Pacific Adventures

Tokyo to Takayama - JAPAN
April 12, 2009 - Takayama, Japan
April 11 The traffic was really heavy leaving Tokyo this morning due to the fact it was Saturday and the fees for using the expressway  have been reduced. First stop was lunch at a hotel in MATSUMOTO.  We were expecting something Japanese but instead had a very tasty steak with vegetables and a lovely strawberry dessert.  After all that we went to Matsumoto Castle.  Being Saturday there were long lineups to get through the "castle" or keep. After the castle the group went to the Japan...
By Lyn and Lowell in Circle Pacific Adventures


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