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The earthquake
March 17, 2011 - Urayasu, Japan
Just under a week ago, an earthquake hit Japan, changing the landscape, our safety and the way we look at the place we live and the world around us. I was at a small branch of my school in Urayasu, Chiba in an area called Hinode. Shin-Urayasu is a town which has been built on land reclaimed from the sea and this was its first test of strength since its development. We had had an earthquake earlier in the week which had shaken the building we were in and made us all a bit nervous and mindful...
By Gemma in my travels while teaching abroad

January to March 2010
June 9, 2010 - Urayasu, Japan
Well we started the new year in Shiga Kogen and spent new year's day snowboarding.  Throughout the next three months we went on various snowboarding trips mainly in Niigata prefecture and with each trip I improved in confidence.  By the end of the snow season and Ed's birthday trip (back to Shiga) at the end of March, I felt that I was doing pretty well for a beginner.  Particularly special trips were Zao  where we saw "snow monsters" or "juhyo" which are basically fir trees which have...
By Gemma in my travels while teaching abroad

Japan Update
May 21, 2010 - Urayasu, Japan
Well I've been in Japan for about 7 months now - far too much has happened in that time for me to write up well but I'm going to upload some of my photos over the next few days and weeks and I'll try to post a short entry to go with each set of pictures I upload.   I've got a lot to sort through (several thousand photos) so be patient with me!
By Gemma in my travels while teaching abroad


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