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Part 2
January 10, 2011 - Kisumu, Kenya
 There was another part to my last journal, but the computer cut out when i tried to upload it and it had only saved so much, so this will be the rest.... To answer your question mum, yes we did get to go into the Masai village. It was very quick i think because it was getting late, and they were busy with getting the cattle inside so it doesn't get attacked by the wild animals, especially hyenas because the park is not fenced off. And they were also preparing dinner. We got to see how they...
By Anthea in Anthea @ Fuzzy Travel

Dad jokes
December 16, 2010 - Kisumu, Kenya
 Sorry it has been nearly two weeks since an update, so will try and cover as much as possible day by day!!! :) Of December: Was the first day that i did Elders group. Even though it for elders, like the older people in the community, its always only men and never any women but we're trying to get them to come along as well. It's the same as women's group pretty much, but we don't do all the health talks. For the first one i spoke to them about the Millennium villages which i did for...
By Anthea in Anthea @ Fuzzy Travel

Week 5
December 14, 2010 - Kisumu, Kenya
  Hi Liv and Tim!! SO great to hear from you. This place is absolutely infectious, you're right. It has very much given me the travl bug so watch out!! It won't be long until I am knocking on your door =) Over the last couple of weeks I have started work at the new medical clinic - Kodiaga Clinic. I was proposed to by one of the doctors there which was interesting! The lab tech has taught me to test for malaria using a microscope, HIV, syphilis and many other tests. I am learning to stitch...
By Bec in Mutumbu

Lake Nakuru and other adventures
December 3, 2010 - Kisumu, Kenya
 Hi Guys, sorry it has been a while since i last wrote but we have been busy and traveling. Last week we went to Lake Nakuru where there is a national wildlife safari park. In a day (6.30am-5.30pm) we saw all of the following animals with our tour guide, Steve: rhinocerous, giraffe, lionesse, flamingoes (thousands!), pelicans, vultury bird things, buffalo, impala, blue ball monkeys, black and white monkeys (no technical names here), blue lizards with orange heads, wild hippo, zebras,...
By Bec in Mutumbu

turning 22
December 1, 2010 - Kisumu, Kenya
 Since we've all been home, we did another medical camp in Kodiaga on Sunday, on Monday we went to Patricia's house for lunch who is from womens group, and then yesterday i turned 22! So starting with the medical camp. We packed all the drugs Saturday night which didn't take long at all, we had some stuff left over from the last one. When we were done i cooked dinner for the first time for everyone! I think it was a success?? haha Monday afternoon we walked down to Patricia's house, which...
By Anthea in Anthea @ Fuzzy Travel

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