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LAOS - Bolaven Plateau und 4000 Islands
April 16, 2011 - Don Det, Laos
Hallo Leute Mit einem gemuetlichen Schlafbus wollen wir die lange und flache Strecke, immer dem Mekong entlang von Vientiane nach Pakse ueberwinden. Es gibt wirklich ganz schoene, moderne, grosszuegige Busse mit Liegebetten drin. Besser gesagt es wuerde geben. Nun wir haben hier die Arschkarte gezogen und einen ziemlich alten, zwar mit Aircondition ausgeruesteten, aber mit 160cm langen Betten, ohne Licht, im unteren Stock wo man sich nicht aufsetzen kann, sehr engen Buss erwischt mit einer...
By Cécile&Martin in Cécile & Martin @ Fuzzy Travel

Overland to Laos
September 4, 2009 - Don Det, Laos
Our journey to Laos began in Kratie with a two hour minivan ride to the Cambodia-Laos border.  After paying our 1$ "stamp fees" at both sides of the border, we took another minivan a short way into Laos to Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands), an area of the Mekong River with several islands (but not four thousand it would seem).  Few tourists seem to cross the border in the direction we did (most seem to go into Cambodia from Laos), but then we've always been trend-setters (I'm sure Nick...
By Nick Mike Nick in 3 Beers Please

Laos - Paske, Champasak & 4000 Islands
July 17, 2009 - Don Det, Laos
So the overnight bus to Paske actually had beds on but it was a tight squeeze still better that seats tho! We arrived about 7am and it was raining so not ideal but we got a tuk tuk into the town and to a guesthouse that was ok. We then had a little reat before going out to see what there was to do. There was not much going o in the town and the trips to the places clase by like the coffee plantations and trib villages were very expensive. So i just spent the day looking round the town but it...
By George in The big adventure

Don Det, Laos
April 19, 2009 - Don Det, Laos
Our first stop in Laos was an area in the south known as the 4000 islands. This is, naturally, because there are countless small islands dotting the landscape as you went down the Me Kong River. The island that we decided to stay at was called Don Det. It was a very small place, with only a few dozen locals and not much to do. This was perfect for what we wanted after spending such a long time doing some strenuous sight-seeing. It’s amazing how much work being on vacation can be sometimes...
By David and Daniela in David and Daniela's "World" Tour


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