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Hard mattresses and chicken soup
November 13, 2011 - Nam Tha, Laos
Northern Laos is not a place for the faint-hearted. The mountains roll on forever and the views are spectacular. But along with the beauty comes the harshness of living in such an environment. Yesterday I returned from spending three days with minority Khmu tribes in small villages as the solo paying member of a Green Discovery tour. The first village, Ban Namkoymai, or Nahome, was only accessible by foot. My guide Ae, local guide Chom and I hiked for the morning up the side of a mountain,...
By Katie in Mekong musings

Zip da de do dah, zip da de day
November 9, 2011 - Nam Tha, Laos
After a solid day of zip lining yesterday, a partial sighting of a gibbon and a definite sighting of a giant black squirrel, it is nice to be in a town with a few creature comforts - like my first hot shower since arriving in Laos. We saw the giant black squirrel from our treehouse just before we headed out on a morning trek up the side of a very slippery hill. It was here that we saw the treetops moving and could see some shapes in the distance which apparently were gibbon... others near...
By Katie in Mekong musings

Do do do the funky gibbon
November 8, 2011 - Nam Tha, Laos
(with apologies to The Goodies...) It's about 6.30am and the mist is starting to lift as dawn breaks over the jungle. Lots of birds are singing, but there's no sign of gibbons. Yesterday our group of 11 met at the Gibbon Experience headquarters in Huay Xai at 8am. I had just finished a delicious banana pancake and fresh fruit for breakfast and was given a few packing tips from a girl who had just returned from doing the waterfall version of the trip (I'm doing the classic, but tips about...
By Katie in Mekong musings

Luang Namtha
May 3, 2009 - Nam Tha, Laos
Our last stop in Laos was the small city of Luang Namtha. This seemed more like just the city that happened to be next to the big intersection on the highway that made it important. But we still had a great time there. We chose to go there to do some real trekking before we headed into China and we weren’t disappointed. After the bus ride up we took a tuk-tuk into town and started looking for a place. We somehow managed to strike gold and the place we stayed at was amazing! It was all dark...
By David and Daniela in David and Daniela's "World" Tour

Enfin 3 nuits dans la meme ville !
May 16, 2008 - Nam Tha, Laos
Ca fait vraiment du bien d'avoir un pied a terre quelque part ! L'espace de 3 jours... Hier nous avons pu dormir et relaxer le matin: pas de cadran qui sonne a 5h du matin c'est cool ca ! Nous avons bien dormi meme si la veille, Sophie a ecrase une grosse coquerelle sur le mur (c'etait a son tour !). Nous avons loue une moto et avons fait le tour de la ville et des villages autour. En essayant de trouver un khene (instrument a vent de bambou) pour un prof de musique de l'ecole dans un village...
By Dave et Sophie in Aventure de 4 mois en Asie du sud-est


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