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Pakse and the Bolaven Plateau
September 5, 2009 - Pakxe, Laos
For the first time on this trip (which happens to fall right in the middle of the wet season) we wished we'd had an ark.Leaving Si Phan Don and the island of Don Det, we first took a boat through the rain to the mainland, by which time we were already completely soaked (especially Nick, who may for once have regeretted sticking with the English practice of ignoring the rain and just getting a little wet, which doesn't work so well in a monsoon). When our minivan finally turned up, we hopped...
By Nick Mike Nick in 3 Beers Please

Bolaven Plateau and Xe Pian
January 25, 2009 - Pakxe, Laos
 The day and night we spent on the Bolaven Plateau were lovely. I think that I may have mentioned this already once before; but everywhere we go, there is pollution - air pollution that is. Either it's car and moto exhausts, or it's smoke from burning waste or burning wood, or dust from the roads, but it's just everywhere, all the time. And the same goes for sound, actually: traffic noise, or karaoke music and singing, or animals... everywhere we've been so far it's hardly ever been quiet. I...
By Ine and Thomas in Ine and Thomas

January 22, 2009 - Pakxe, Laos
After our almost succesful overnight sleeper busride we arrived not-so-fresh in Pakse, the main town in southern Laos. We decided to reward ourselves with coffee and a good breakfast in a cafe we had read about, and while waiting for our food got spotted by a visiting television crew. I'm not exactly sure what they were thinking (though Thomas has credited the attention to his good looks), but we are now in a documentary on Lao coffee on a Taiwanese TV channel. (Mama, you'll be incredibly...
By Ine and Thomas in Ine and Thomas

Pakse... nous poursuivons notre route vers le sud
May 30, 2008 - Pakxe, Laos
Pakse est heureusement bien plus acceuillante que Savannakhet ! Nous avons eu un dur trajet d'autobus aujourd'hui. Pour un trajet d'environ 240 km (c'est quoi... Mtl-Quebec ca ?) qui selon le livre devait prendre 4 h ben ca nous en pris a peu pres 6 bozouel !!! On a pas arrete de freiner pour embarquer du monde, sinon c'etait des arrets dans des petits marches locaux de bord de route ou des vendeuses (des fois de jeunes filles de 8-10 ans) etaient devant toutes les fenetres des deux cotes ou...
By Dave et Sophie in Aventure de 4 mois en Asie du sud-est


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