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Mexico. Nice.
January 12, 2013 - San Cristóbal, Mexico
We are in San Cristobel de las Casas at the moment. It´s a beautiful place in the mountains. Not as hot here, but a very attractive place. There´s lots to do and see. Beautiful architecture. Loads of indiginous (excuse spelling?) people - Indians - wandering about and selling brightly coloured handicrafts. Geat news - no tummy upsets. Vince has eaten enough tortillas to enter a tortilla eating competition. And win. Sarah has not been ill yet, even having started the dreaded malaria tablets....
By Sarah And Vince in Sarah and Vince

5 landen, 2 stempels...
July 19, 2009 - San Cristóbal, Mexico
 Hallo allemaal!! Jah, hier spreekt birthday girl, eerst bedankt voor alle lieve verjaardagswensen vandaag en vooral vannacht, haha. ik heb overal doorheen geslapen maar ik vrees dat vooral mijn mede-dorm-genootjes op de hoogte waren van jullie berichtjes :P haha.. nouja, ik ga in het kort proberen te vertellen wat ik heb gedaan afgelopen tijd, wat erg lastig gaat worden omdat ik inmiddels 5 landen verder ben!! Het laatste wat jullie mee hebben gekregen is Granada geloof ik. Daar ben ik veel...
By Kim in Kim on tour

Muchas lugares.....menos tiempo!
July 9, 2008 - San Cristóbal, Mexico
Wow time has flown by so so fast!! I now only have about 13 days left here and I am amazed at how fast the days have gone by. My keyboard is broken on my laptop so thats the main reason I have not made an entry but also because I am constantly staying busy. I have really started to feel at home here and I really enjoy my days...except getting up at 7am everyday for school. I like my classes and they really have taught me alot, but I really hate going every morning. I know that I have learned...
By Taylor in Mexican Adventures

Salsa and horse back riding
June 28, 2008 - San Cristóbal, Mexico
Yesterday we all went to a true salsa dance club and it was really cool. I have never salsa before so I had no clue what I was doing, but no one seemed to mind how stupid I looked. I guess it wasn't that bad because I got to dance with some locals and I thought I kept up pretty well. It really help that I didnt understand what they were saying so brushing them off when they were hitting on me wasn't very hard to do. The Neniman, our professor, came out with us too and it was alot of fun. We...
By Taylor in Mexican Adventures

Still Adjusting
June 26, 2008 - San Cristóbal, Mexico
This is my fifth day being here in San Cristobal and I feel like I am starting to get into my routine. I wake up at roughly 7 am(depending on how late I was up the night before). I shower, dress and my host mom fixes me breakfast which has been cereal and fruit every morning. I like my breakfast because its nothing crazy like some of the other breakfasts the other students are eating. I leave the house at 830 to meet Dani at the corner of Diego so we can walk to class together. The school is...
By Taylor in Mexican Adventures

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