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Namibia (West Africa)
April 21, 2011 - Walvis Bay, Namibia
Before arriving in Walvis Bay, Namibia we had lectures describing this part of Africa which is about the least densely populated area in the world.  There is desert, dunes, sand and it is dry, dry, dry.  Some years they get no rainfall whatever and the average is less than 4" in a year. During the night there was thunder and lightning - almost the first we've had.  Yesterday morning it began to rain.  We went off on our day trips - Bruce to a village that was built and occupied by the...
By Carol in World Cruise 2011

April 19, 2010 - Walvis Bay, Namibia
Because of its stark, surreal landscapes, untamed wilderness, and harsh environment, our next port call, Walvis Bay, Namibia, is often referred to as “The Land God Made in Anger” and is said to be home to some of the most desolate and spectacular scenery in the world.  We arrived in Walvis Bay, the second largest city in Namibia, at about noon on Sunday, April 18th. Having not been scheduled to escort any tours, the whole group, minus Gabe, made our way outside at around 1:00pm to see if...
By Erich DiCenzo in Where in the World is......Erich Roger DiCenzo?

The Living Desert!
April 18, 2010 - Walvis Bay, Namibia
We sailed into Walvis Bay, Namibia at about 8 o’clock in the morning on Sunday, but didn’t get off the ship until about noon.  It turned out we weren’t really missing that much because, after a lot of drama getting on the shuttle, Erich and I finally made our way into the decently large town nestled right along the coastline here in Namibia.  Apparently, they don’t do much around here on Sundays because there was literally not a thing open.  The first two pictures in the album from...
By Nic in the best journeys aren't in straight lines

Safari, Amazing Landscapes and Desert Adventures
April 20, 2010 - Walvis Bay, Namibia
South Africa was amazing. I really didn't know what to expect the entire time and kept getting blown away by everything. I definitely want to go back and spend more time there eventually, it's such a unique place.-Richard's Bay- Our first stop was Richard's Bay. The actual port area and everything didn't have much, but we had signed up for the crew Safari trip. After our crew drill, we got all ready and hopped in the bus to get to the Hluhluwe (H's are pronounced as S's so it's a crazy...
By Kelsey in Kelsey @ Fuzzy Travel

Walvis Bay, Namibia!
December 4, 2006 - Walvis Bay, Namibia
Walvis Bay, Namibia The desert! I got off the ship again and I got to go to the desert! I got to go to the oldest desert in the world! I had the privilege of going on another passenger tour yesterday. The tour was called “Landscapes of Walvis Bay,” and that is exactly what I got to see. I saw some magnificent views. The tour started at 8:00am in the morning and our first stop was at Namib Naukluft National Park where we saw our first sand dune. (Sand dune #7) The sand dunes in...
By Matthew in Matthew's Travelogue!

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