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April 5, 2009 - Pokhara, Nepal
I've tried to look a little deeper into the essence of anger and this is what I found. What is anger? In essence anger is only the interruption of the stream of life's energy, which builds-up a charge that can then be released at a targeted object. Anger is holding back. One stops the natural flow of life, of love, builds up a charge and releases it. On a small scale this can be functional and useful. For example: One morning I was eating muesli for breakfast when just at the moment I was...
By Hans in sabbathans

Smash the Glass !
April 3, 2009 - Pokhara, Nepal
After every drink, smash the glass! Perhaps we think we accumulate things, but that isn't true. Things are just passing-through. Nothing remains, except heaps of memories. And even those pass-away. Nothing remains.At the end of ones' life, one can truly say: "It wasn't me!"   Previously, I wrote that "there is truth to be found in reality". Now, I will add in support of this point, that there is no way to force this truth, knowledge of it, any awareness or insight, out of reality. It remains...
By Hans in sabbathans

Pictures from Pokhara
November 5, 2008 - Pokhara, Nepal
Dear Friends,Not always there is much to say.. yet I want to try and write a little more frequently. Here are some more pictures from beautiful Pokhara as well as from Kushinagar and Lumbini, which I received from Marijn, with whom I was travelling together from Dharamsala to Lumbini. It is quite nice to be in Nepal for the first time and to notice how much more mellow it is compared to India. This is probably specially true for Lumbini and Pokhara , the only two places I have visited so far....
By Hans in sabbathans

July 18, 2007 - Pokhara, Nepal
"Le bonheur de l'homme n'est pas dans la liberte, mais dans l'acceptation d'un devoir" Andre Gide. "Man's happiness is not in freedom, but in acceptance of a duty" Andre Gide. After 4 days in Katmandu, I decide that I have had enough of the futility of city life. I don't like cities any longer. Whether I am in Europe, in America or Asia, a city is still a city. Unless I have something to do in the city, such as work, business, or relations to meet, the thing I look for in a city is a park,...
By Manue in Manue's tales.

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