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Op zakenreis...
March 21, 2018 - Nijmegen, Netherlands
Een aantal weken geleden kreeg ik een mail van een Duitse professor uit Hannover, ze schreef: 'Since 2014 we are working on a 4 year project that’s called „Knowledge Transfer by Global Unity – Multilateral East African-German Partnership in Speech Language Pathology (SLP)“. It is a multilateral cooperation between 4 universities in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Germany (….) In 2018 a workshop in Kampala, Uganda is planned. Its topic is „Intervention and Assessment for Speech and...
By Anke in Oost Afrika

The Amsterdam Bucket List
September 24, 2015 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
I slept like a rock last night.  Wow.  That was such a treat.  Today is the day we tick those things off our Amsterdam list that we might regret not having done some day.   We caught our first tram at Centraal Station and took it all the way to the Rijkmuseum without incident.  We both thought after-the-fact, that it might have been helpful just to ride around town on a tram for an hour when we first got there to get our bearings.    We arrived at the Rijksmuseum around 10:30 a.m. and...
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

And we walked. And we walked.
September 23, 2015 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is a very walkable city.  There are many streets and narrow alleys with very little car traffic but oh the bicycles!  They are silent and plentiful.  Silent until you walk in the bike lane that is.  The sound of bike bells will always be associated with Amsterdam.  The other hazard is the trams.  They are electric, efficient, and quiet.  We’ve yet to ride one but we will before we leave. We started off this morning feeling much better though not quite in the right time...
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

September 22, 2015 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tap.  Tap.  Tap. No way!  I had just managed to fall asleep on the plane.  Must be a mistake.  No… Tap.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap.  On my leg.  Yes, very intentional. “Kel, I’m sorry to wake you.  But the aurora borealis are dancing off the icefields in Greenland.  Do you want to see them?”  I was so weary but that rapidly gave way to “weepy” for the unique opportunity to see this phenomenon from 40,000 + feet.  The lights indeed seemed to dance and shape shift even as I...
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

1252800 seconden
March 15, 2015 - Nijmegen, Netherlands
Nog maar twee weken, dan is het weer zover: huppelend met mijn handbagage tasje verplaats ik me dan door Istanbul, tussen alle andere toeristen. Op 28 maart vlieg ik 's avonds richting Tanzania, met een tussenstop van 12 uur op Istanbul Airport. Midden in de nacht boekte ik mijn vlucht en ik had de overstaptijd even over het hoofd gezien... De volgende dag kwam ik erachter dat er voor passagiers met een transfer langer dan 6 uur een speciale tour aangeboden wordt: een rondrit door Istanbul,...
By Anke in Oost Afrika

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