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Milford Sound & Milford Highway
February 22, 2011 - Milford Sound, New Zealand
Was der Kilimandscharo in Tansania, der Ayers Rock in Australien und das Matterhorn in der Schweiz ist, ist der Milford Sound in Neuseeland: DIE Touristenattraktion des Landes schlechthin. Man hat Neuseeland nicht gesehen, wenn man nicht im Milford Sound war. Punkt. Das "Naturwunder" besuchten wir natürlich an einem gebührenden Tag: Bea's Geburtstag. Am Tag zuvor hatten wir von Queenstown her rund 200 km auf dem sogenannten Milford Highway zurückgelegt, der extra für touristische Zwecke...
By Bea & Björn in Bea & Björn Around The World

Pastures, Peaks and Mountain Parrots
February 13, 2011 - Milford Sound, New Zealand
  Feb 13th Pastures, Peaks and mountain Parrots Its an early start after a late(ish) night last night on the tiles of Queenstown (got to be done!). Luckilly my bag is packed and I am organised so dont disturb my room mates too much. The lkitchen is busy this am as there are 3 buses leaving within a short space of time and all are trying to get in for the free breakfast (bread and jam!). The kitchen is somewhat small and badly designed for the size and purpose of the hostel which is a shame...
By Kim in Kim's Krazy Krusade!

Milford Sound
August 2, 2010 - Milford Sound, New Zealand
If anyone wants to have a better look at the map section of this website, they will see that as the bird flies, Milford Sound is not that far away from Queenstown! Unfortunately due to the mountains just to the north of Lake Wakatipu, it is impossible to get to Milford Sound in that direction. We therefore ended up driving a huge loop south, west and north to get to the place. The landscape for most of this route is pretty unspectacular. I should point out that being in the country has ruined...
By Matt and Jen in Jett Setting

Franz to Milford
December 14, 2009 - Milford Sound, New Zealand
 So after giddy excitement of scaling a glacier we speed oot of Franz Josef on Friday Morning, rattling doon the route 6 road through pissing rain and thick mist. Dinny stop at Fox Glacier as ye have tae walk tae it and we are nae getting oot the car in that. Past glacier country - I'm sure there is some lovely stuff tae see but can we see any o it? Can we arse! Mist - that's what we can see. Mist, rain and the swishing o the windae wipers. Mount Cook? Naw - too misty! Lake Paringa - No a...
By Paul & Jacs in McPlodding Roond The McPlanet

Milford Sound
February 13, 2009 - Milford Sound, New Zealand
 We drove round the south coast in the rain.  It's amazing how much rain gets to you when you're not expecting it.  It's also amazing how quickly you get unused to the damp dreich weather that we should be acustomed to.  We're a poor excuse for a hardy pair of Scots lassies I tell you.  3 months in the sunshine and we are completely ruined.  Anyway.....the south coast is lovely, but I'm sure would be nicer in the sunshine, so we pressed on towards Te Anau and the Fjordlands in hope of...
By Ruth and Nic in Rainbow Tour

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