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Jumping off waterfalls and feasting
August 18, 2013 - Rotorua, New Zealand
From hot water beach we went on to Waitomo which is famous for its caves. The activity for today was "black water rafting": get undressed in the freezing cold and squeeze into a wet, slimy wet suit before spending two hours in pitch black caves and icy water. Awesome. Black water rafting is different because you each have your own raft which is essentially a rubber ring. You have to make sure you pick one that you can fit your bum through and then it's time to practise the hard part before...
By Rhian in Rhian G

Sheep Show
June 27, 2011 - Rotorua, New Zealand
@font-face { font-family: "Cambria"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } I had never been to a sheep show before. The Agrodome Sheep show was an amazing performance. There are 15 different kinds of sheep. The sheering of a full-grown merino sheep in less than two minutes was remarkable. The record for sheering one of these sheep is 8.7 seconds. We were able to observe how the...
By Deb in New Zealand

June 26, 2011 - Rotorua, New Zealand
@font-face { font-family: "Cambria"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } We are having fabulous weather, sunny and mid 60s. After a four-hour bus ride to Rotorua, we arrived at our hotel. We quickly grabbed some lunch and took a walk around Lake Rotorua. I gazed out onto the lake and saw the eloquent black swans. I sat by the edge of the lake and one of the swans swam right...
By Deb in New Zealand

January 20, 2011 - Rotorua, New Zealand
  Endlich wieder mal Regen. Und zwar heftig. Nach drei Schönwetter-Wochen regnete es hier zwei ganze Tage wie aus Kübeln, mit Sturmböhen begleitet, und so mussten wir eine Zwangspause auf dem Campingplatz einlegen. Das gab uns wieder einmal Gelegenheit, Fotos zu sortieren, Reiseberichte zu verfassen und die Weiterreise zu planen. Da es so feucht war, draussen wie im Büssli, entwickelte sich im Van ein angenehmer Geruch (Schimmelpilz) und wir hatte da so unsere Freude. Glücklicherweise...
By Bea & Björn in Bea & Björn Around The World

July 9, 2010 - Rotorua, New Zealand
A couple of hours south of Auckland, we arrived in Rotorua having named our Nissan Sunny 'Smaug' after the dragon from 'The Hobbit'. I had completely forgotten about Rotorua's reputation for smelling of sulphur - a relief that it wasn't Jen! We quickly found a very nice hostel in the middle of town and promptly headed for a free beer down the pub! Beer! A good beer! It is amazing how much a man can crave a beer after such a stint in South America with nothing but cheap lager. Anyway, there...
By Matt and Jen in Jett Setting

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