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August 15, 2011 - Somoto, Nicaragua
sunday sunday: baptism this morning at a pool in town, conveniently located next to the cemetary lol.. 15 people got baptised. They had a monkey there eating a sucker.. i was amazed by how cute a little animal probably carrying ebola could be lol. Alex and Hazel came into town saturday night with Damaris, so we all went out to eat after service with roger and albalina to the Gallo Pinto.. I ordered jalapeno chicken and it was probably the biggest "fillet" of chicken i have ever seen lol... it...
By Missy in Missy @ Fuzzy Travel

feliz cumpleanos!!!
August 13, 2011 - Somoto, Nicaragua
 Well i had a wonderful wake up this morning at 530am!! by all the girls singing to me outside my window lol... so they sang one song and all i could say was "hang on!" as im desperately looking for decent clothes to put on not knowing who or what was outside my door! i nearly fell out of bed when they started singing!! i think i had been alseep for like 3 hours... because i had stayed up to watch a movie lol. and of course there were cameras lol... thanks guys i know i looked awesome :)...
By Missy in Missy @ Fuzzy Travel

crabby morning.
August 12, 2011 - Somoto, Nicaragua
 ive been having a really hard time sleeping the past couple of days, my back  had been giving me some serious problems and im not sure why. And on top of that im going on day 2 of a nasty headache that just doesn't want to go away. Ive been sleeping in till about 830 the past week or so, so i missed breakfast, walked up to moms and she was working on cocoa, i got some cottage cheese and pinapple and with my first bite i swallowed my tongue ring.. not exactly how i wanted to start my...
By Missy in Missy @ Fuzzy Travel

lets roast some caocao!
August 11, 2011 - Somoto, Nicaragua
 woke up this morning and i missed breakfast, sounds like i didn't miss much gallo pinto :/  got ready, took a nice cold shower.. as i explained it to my mom its like going swimming in a really cold lake. you put one part of your body in the water at a time until you have to get your hair wet, then it just takes your breath away for a couple seconds and then magically your aclimated.. went upstairs to moms and i joined the correcting papers and tests party.. we got everything caught up so...
By Missy in Missy @ Fuzzy Travel

my back? really?
August 10, 2011 - Somoto, Nicaragua
 last night was absolutely terrible. i got that nasty pain in my back again and it kept me up all night. i normally sleep on my stomach but this pain so in such a weird spot it was almost between my shoulder blades and the best way to describe it was a compressed disc... which i don't think it is but i couldnt move around at all last night without pain so i ended up trying to sleep on my side with a pillow in between my legs and that was just as bad.. i laid in bed for a couple of hours this...
By Missy in Missy @ Fuzzy Travel

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