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September 13, 2012 - Oslo, Norway
So this is it. We have arrived, no crashes, no robberies, no severe losts, no cash crisis', no injuries, no moose sightings or bear and/or wolf attacks and not even a bonk or a puncture. Overall a relatively tame trip, so I apologise for the general lack of pain on our behalf. At least the first couple of days were tough, based on our daily wind calculations I can suggest the worst Scandinavian cycling trip to be a ride from Stockholm to Gothenburg and/or Oslo. This way you are guaranteed a...
By Charlotte Roach in 10000miles, 15countries, 6months, 2wheels, 1nutter

A Day in Oslo
August 6, 2011 - Oslo, Norway
  We had originally not planned to travel to Oslo on our odyssey, but when we left the Louvre in April Lena expressed her disappointment at not having seen the Scream – a painting by Edvard Munch. A little research revealed that the painting is actually not displayed at the Louvre but at the Edvard Munch museum in Oslo. So Oslo became a point of interest for us as we headed north and here we are. We arrived last night in the midst of a terrible rain storm and in the midst of the biggest...
By Peter in The Liljedahl's European Odyssey 2011

OSLO # 2
September 6, 2010 - Oslo, Norway
Wow! Back in Oslo, Norway! To think that the last time we were here was over two months ago is almost insane. In some ways it feels as though we had just left. In others, it feels like a distant, faded memory. It’s that odd concept and feeling of time lapse (or lack thereof) while traveling on a cruise ship that really plays with your head. I still haven’t gotten fully used to it. Regardless, no matter how much time has passed, or has not passed, here we were…back in Oslo Today, the...
By Erich DiCenzo in Where in the World is......Erich Roger DiCenzo?

July 3, 2010 - Oslo, Norway
In my entry on Bergen, our very first port in Norway, I mentioned how expensive things can be in this part of the world, using a $17 beer as a prime example. It was at that same port of call where I had an appetizer from TGIFridays for lunch, costing me around $24. Today, we arrived in Oslo, Norway, which in 2006 was ranked the world’s most expensive city! Yes, this city, which was once overlooked by travelers for its dowdy image, is now a major tourist destination and a cosmopolitan...
By Erich DiCenzo in Where in the World is......Erich Roger DiCenzo?

July 3, 2010 - Oslo, Norway
Family and friends, I apologize for my lack of journal entries of late.  Unbelievably, internet has been more scarce than ever on the cruise ship, and I have thus fallen behind.  But you will be happy to know that I just uploaded oodles of new pictures that effectively bring me up to date in that respect.  Unfortunately, you probably won't understand a lot of them until I can post some journal entries.  Over the next two months, starting tomorrow, I will be in the same ports over and...
By Nic in the best journeys aren't in straight lines

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