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Huaraz episode 2
November 19, 2011 - Huaraz, Peru
Bon, ou j'en etais... Le cuy pas cuit et la soupe de pattes c'est fait... Laguna Churup c'est fait... Je vais passer la soiree qui a ete assez courte vu la fatigue de tout le monde. Quelques parties de cambio avec une bonne bouteille de vin rouge chilien (Barbara est une folle du vino tinto); suivi d'une fondue savoyarde avec les allemands et derives, Chez Patrick, fameux restaurant francais de Huaraz avec tartiflettes raclettes et autres plats de montagne bien de chez nous. Ca fait du bien...
By Simon in SreggTrip

Huaraz episode 1
November 12, 2011 - Huaraz, Peru
Du 2 au 4 octobre. (oui oui j'ai toujours 1 mois de retard je sais...) Apres un nouveau bus de nuit nous voila a Huaraz, petite ville de montagne perchee a 3000m sur la Cordillera Blanca. A l'arrivee du bus, nous nous faisons accostes par une suisse (francaise ce coup-ci) qui nous demande dans quelle auberge nous allons. Nous avons aucune idee, mais les 2 suisses allemandes, qui sont toujours la, nous proposent d'aller voir une auberge un peu plus haut dans la ville. Nous sommes egalement...
By Simon in SreggTrip

life as i know it!
October 20, 2009 - Huaraz, Peru
 my my it has been a long time! I apologize to everyone for my lack of entries. Life has just been so crazy nowadays, every since classes started and our time all became devoted to becoming peruvian university students and speaking a foreign language! It truly is exhausting!! But now, midterms have finished and I feel "over the hump," time to relax and enjoy my last two months (!) in Peru. Since I last wrote, a number of things have happened. My friends Meredith, Michelle, Peter, Hugo and I...
By Megan in megan in peru

32) Huaraz, Peru
August 2, 2009 - Huaraz, Peru
We decided not go on one of the organised multiple days treks in Huaraz as we had just spent a lot of time (and money) on two back-to-back trips in Cuzco (Machu Picchu and rafting). Instead, we went alone for a day trek to a place called Lago Churup. It was great but hard going with 2 hours just uphill and then a very steep climb up a waterfall, at the end we were rewarded with a beautiful lake that awaited us at the top. We sat down and made some cheese and tomato sandwiches on a rock and...
By Ian & Gabi in South & Central America 2009

Huaraz - Switzerland of Peru (Rd 1. May 19-25)
May 25, 2009 - Huaraz, Peru
Huaraz is the place to be in peru for trekking and climbing and it is often referred to as the Switzerland of Peru. As I have never been to switzerland, I will have to believe the locals when they tell me this. The town sure is filled with swiss though!! As far as I´m concerned everyone here is swiss or has lived in switzerland :P. The town itself isn´t so special as it was almost entirely destroyed by an earthquake in the 1970s. However the views of the surrounding mountains of the...
By Tanya in I live to travel

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