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Part one of catching up
August 23, 2009 - Ica, Peru
 Ok, somehow we've managed to get very behind on our posting. Its been a couple of weeks now! How you've all managed to survive is difficult to imagine..... After Puno we headed to Arequipa, nearer to the coast. Its a beautiful city with most of the colonial buildings in the centre in great condition. The area around the cathedral and the Plaza de Armas is particularly good, and is lit up beautifully at night (theres a picture of it somewhere). We managed to spend a week there, as its a very...
By Anthony&Kerry in Adventuring

Ica and Nazca
July 27, 2009 - Ica, Peru
We left Lima after two nights and headed on to Ica which took 6 hours by bus, there was some kind of police check along route where police came on the bus taking photos of everyone checking IDs, there were at least 60 police lined up both sides of the road, me and paul had no idea what was going on, it was pretty scary! We eventually got to Ica and got a taxi to Huacachina to go sandboarding. We were told not to stay in Huacachina as there is nothing to do there, but we were guttde when we...
By Paul and Laura in Gringos on tour

Bienvenidos a Lima!
July 8, 2009 - Ica, Peru
 The past few days in Lima have been packed! After getting our tour of the PUCP campus yesterday (which is georgeous and huge, with deer running all over) and then exploring Jesus Maria and visiting the houses of the other HC students, today we had another adventure filled day in Lima! We went to the museum Museo Rafael Larco Herrera and saw alot of peruvian artifacts from the incas and lots of indigenous groups that preceded them.  There were so many pieces of pottery it was incredible,...
By Jennifer in Peruvian Adventures

Huacachina - Arrakis of Peru
May 11, 2009 - Ica, Peru
And an hour away from Paracas, close to the Nazca lines, is a small laguna surrounded by tall dunes... You suddenly find yourself in the world of Frank Herbert (Dune), in the middle of an elegant oasis. If it wasn't for the sandsurfers and the madmax like buggies crisscrossing the area with goggle-eyed tourists hordes, you would expect an exotic harem to sway past, and giant worm to emerge from the tallest dune... The reality is that the place is very small, and very popular. A travel friend,...
By Marie in Safiri

Het paradijs
January 14, 2009 - Ica, Peru
 Hola lieve mensen! Gisteren ben ik aangekomen in een klein paradijsje: Huacachina. Een oasis midden in de woestijn; tussen grote zandbergen in, vlakbij het stadje Ica. Wat een mooi plekje zeg. Het hostel is ook geweldig met een tuin met zwembad en hangmatten. En heerlijk warm weer! Vandaag was dan ook een relax dagje. Ik ben inmiddels alweer een weekje aan het rondreizen. Na een lekker afscheidsetentje in Cusco ben ik vorige week met de toeristische bus naar Puno gegaan. Puno ligt aan het...
By Florine in Flo @ the other side of the world

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