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Sand and lots of it
March 6, 2014 - Nazca, Peru
We went by bus for 3 hours with one bus change from Cerro Azul to Huacachina, which is an oasis. It's quite amazing, really, because there's nowhere else like it. It is a proper, albeit tourist, town with a lake in the middle and great big sandhills all around. Despite my complaining abut climbing volcanoes when we were in Central America, I did actually have a go at climbing the sandhills. And I was successful. "Not bad for an old bird", said Vince. We found a hotel for a tenner....
By Sarah And Vince in Sarah and Vince

Peru: Mancora bis Nazca
October 24, 2011 - Nazca, Peru
 Hola chicas y chicos Ihr koennt euch nicht vorstellen wie froh ich bin, dass ich noch lebe - aber dazu spaeter :-) Am 16.10.2011 habe ich Ecuador verlassen. An der Grenze mussten wir zuerst "ausstempeln", dann nochmals 15min durch Niemandsland fahren um spaeter in Peru wieder einzureisen. An der Grenze im Niemandsland konnte man Affen, Kaninchen, Papageien und sonstige exotische Tiere kaufen - was in beiden Laendern nicht erlaubt ist - doch weder die ecuadorianische noch die peruanische...
By Sabrina in América del Sur

Nazca, Peru...Nazca lines...alien landing strip?
September 14, 2010 - Nazca, Peru
Arriving to Nazca in the early evening we just crashed at the hotel to relax and sleep off the Pisco tasting. The hotel actually managed to produce the driest piece of toast I have ever tasted in my life! Well done... Too tired to care! The next day it was of to the airport. 5 of the 11 in our group decided to risk their lifes for a once in a lifetime flight - over the Nazca lines! Off we went into the small Chesna...what were we thinking?! Shortly after lift off one pilot fell asleep while...
By Anna in Momma Bee's boots were made for walking...

On the road
October 7, 2009 - Nazca, Peru
Well we finally made it on the road. I will appoligise now for any bad typing, the keyboards in this country all seem to be as bad as each other. For our first experience of Peru outside Lima, someone that wasn´t in the tour group thought it would be a good idea to arrange for us to take the local buses, like all the locals do...just to see what it was like. It was pretty much 3 hours in a really cramped seat, worse then our school buses. Driving past hills that were brown with no vegitation...
By Kirsty & Tristan in Kirsty @ Fuzzy Travel

31) Nazca, Peru
July 29, 2009 - Nazca, Peru
We decided not to pay for a flight over the Nazca Lines and instead we went to two different view points where we could get a close look at the lines and at least parts of the animals. There are many theories about what these lines were actually for, the most popular one used to be that these lines were runways for extraterrestrials visiting earth. Other theories are that the lines were an astrological calendar for agricultural purposes. This theory was supported by Maria Reiche, a German...
By Ian & Gabi in South & Central America 2009

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