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Getting Our Dust Des(s)erts
December 3, 2010 - Puno, Peru
Day 86 Apologies for the delay in writing. Here's an extra long blog to make up for it!May I start by thanking you all for the reams and reams of fan mail we have received. Really, it's too much. However, a couple of you pointed out that I failed to mention our trip to see Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Please forgive me and allow me to deal with it briefly now. It is of course an incredibly iconic place to visit and it was hard to believe I was actually there. I doubt whether there...
By Tristan in Teabag and Bob's Ginger Adventure

Cusco to Lake Titicaca
October 25, 2010 - Puno, Peru
Sun 24th Early start for our 10 hour bus journey from Cusco.  Very interesting, changing scenery, high plains, volcanic mountains, snow capped peaks in the distance.  Very tough life for the peasant farmers who often work as communities where money does not change hands. Several stops en route; the most beautiful little catholic church with original murals from colonial times.  A very tall Inca wall (pic).  A museum of artefacts from pre-inca times. Arrived early evening to amazing view...
By Nikki & Nigel in South American Adventure

Lake Titicaca, homestay and stop at Urus
September 29, 2010 - Puno, Peru
 Arriving in Puno, as mentioned, there is not much to do. As we were all still trying to recoup from the trip and various sicknesses...cold, stomach and all sorts of other goodies, we did not really mind. Next day we headed onto lake titicaca on a boat and off to a small island where we had a homestay with a local family. It was very interesting and the family was very kind, still, I do admit I had some trouble dealing with the conditions of the house and where ie our food was cooked. The...
By Anna in Momma Bee's boots were made for walking...

June 8, 2010 - Puno, Peru
After a day spent trying to clean ourselves and our clothes (after the Inca trail) we hopped on a bus and headed for Lake Titicaca. The bus ride should have taken 8 hours but ended up closer to ten, despite the locals getting quite rowdy with the driver, stamping their feet and shouting 'vamos'! When we arrived we agreed to head to a hostel a tout was selling it seemed ok but the owner was quite insistent that we book a tour to the floating islands with them, so insistent that despite us...
By Matt and Jen in Jett Setting

Still Alive at Puno
October 19, 2009 - Puno, Peru
Hi all, We are still alive, we just haven´t been able to updat much. We are heading out to the floating islands today to sleep out there. So when we get back we will update with some photoes and a bit of history as to what has been happening    - Kirsty & Tristan
By Kirsty & Tristan in Kirsty @ Fuzzy Travel

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