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Trujillo Episode 2
November 5, 2011 - Trujillo, Peru
Suite a un probleme technique, et a une longueur d'article inattendue, celui-ci a du etre coupe en 2. Voici la 2eme partie. Merci de votre comprehension. Apres une grasse mat' bien meritee, nous voila partis pour le deuxieme gros site aux alentours de Trujillo : le temple du soleil et de la lune (Huaca de la luna y del sol). Nous ne visiterons que le temple de la lune, car le soleil n'est pas la et la lune l'attend... non c'est pas ca... car de 2 choses l'une l'autre c'est le soleil... non...
By Simon in SreggTrip

Venga Aqui!
March 19, 2010 - Trujillo, Peru
My sophomore year, my friends and I decided to go abroad and do an alternative spring break project. What a wonderful way to hang out with friends, give back, and have an AMAZING spring break! Originally, we wanted to go to Brazil, but we ended up finding a program in Peru that our school was willing to fund for us. We stayed with a host family, a very nice family by the way, and during the day, we volunteered at a Christian school whose mission is to provide a free education to low...
By The World Traveller in The World Traveller

Trujillo & Huanchaco
September 6, 2009 - Trujillo, Peru
After an overnight bus ride from Lima we arrived into Trujillo on the 6th September 2009. We were finally glad to Lima was behind us. We took a 30 min taxi to Huanchaco with some other travellers we met on the bus (who were familiar with the area).  It is well known to be a great surf beach and seeing as we have been dying for a beach we thought it would be a good start for the Peru north coast.  Unfortunatly when we got there, the humidity was extreme and there was quiet a bit of...
By Tanya & Murray in Tanya & Murray's South America Extravaganza

Inca Trail
August 27, 2009 - Trujillo, Peru
 The joys of free internet in hostels means we're now able to try and get up to date with stuff....stuff covers the blog, buying flights, bus tickets, and generally being nosey on facebook! Anyway...the Inca Trail. In short was absolutely amazing but equally as hard. Day one started painfully early as we were picked up from our hostel and driven to km 77 where we began the trek proper. The first day is meant to be a relatively easy introduction to the route, with only a few gentle up hills...
By Anthony&Kerry in Adventuring

33) Trujillo, Peru
August 4, 2009 - Trujillo, Peru
We had one very pro-active day in Trujillo, we arrived on the overnight bus at 7am, had a disgusting meat sandwich thing for breakfast at the only cafe that was open & then shot off in a cab to Huaca De La Luna. We were one of the first to arrive at the site and were lucky to get good English speaking guide. We learned about the Moche people and how they built these beautiful temples. They used a technique of building a new temple directly over the old one each time a king died so it was like...
By Ian & Gabi in South & Central America 2009

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