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Day 18 - Free Day in Krakow
January 14, 2013 - Krakow, Poland
  On the bus it is 9.10am and -7oC and it is sooo cold. Today was a free day but since our hotel is so far out you have to either catch the top deck bus into the city at 9am and back at 6pm or catch public transport or a taxi. Since I have limited money I am catching the top deck bus at 9am. The did a drop off in town and then dropped the rest of us at Wieliczka Salt Mine. It cost 65 Zlotty to do the tour and then charge an extra 10 Zlotty to take photos of this one cathedral they have...
By Raelene in My Adventures

Day 17 - Budapest Hungary to Krakow, Poland
January 13, 2013 - Krakow, Poland
  Once again on the bus and travel to our next country, we are headed to Krakow in Poland. It is -2oC and it is snowing as we board on the bus in Budapest. Our tour leader is Hungarian and she was saying to her how we are such a good group and her mum made gingerbread heart shaped biscuits for all of use. I thought that was quite sweet (they were yummy biscuits). It was snowing for quite a while traveling on the bus and it is only going to get colder so we are told. It is pretty much white...
By Raelene in My Adventures

auschwitz I and auschwitz II - birkenau
November 16, 2010 - Oswiecim, Poland
*if you dont want to hear about the death camps, then don't read this, and don't look at the photos. its quite graphic* on tuesday we caught the shuttle bus to auschwitz death camp. not exactly the happiest moment of the trip, but i wanted to go. i think it's important that people remember and understand what happened, otherwise it can happen again. the bus dropped us off at auschwitz I, which is where most of the visitors go. auschwitz II-birkenau,still gets alot of visitors, but not quite...
By Erin and Scott in Adventures of Kiwi and the Convict

a craking time in krakow :p
November 15, 2010 - Krakow, Poland
our second day in krakow, we walked through the old town, where we walked down the oldest street in krakow, and also past the house where Pope John Paul II lived. he has been the only slavic and polish pope to date, and born with the name Karol Jozef Wojtyla. we continued on to the Castle on wowal hill, where you could walk around and see quite a lot without having to pay anything (score!) the views of the Vistula river were nice, but it was more entertaining to watch the two drunk guys...
By Erin and Scott in Adventures of Kiwi and the Convict

krakow, poland
November 14, 2010 - Krakow, Poland
after a surprisingly good night's sleep on the train from budapest - krakow, we arrived to a morning that was not as cold as i was expecting (i had seen snow in poland on tv earlier in the week). we walked to the hostel in about 20 minutes, it was about 7/7.30 am in the morning so just light. our hostel in krakow was brilliant. it's called deco hostel, and was 10 euro a night for an 8 bed dorm. the staff were lovely, the wi-fi was good, the common room was comfy and well-stocked of dvds, the...
By Erin and Scott in Adventures of Kiwi and the Convict

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