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What a great summer!!
October 2, 2008 - Bialowieza, Poland
  think october is a good moment to make a report of this beautiful summer!!! Penso che ottobre sia il momento giusto per fare un resoconto di questa bellissima estate!!! So, most of you who are reading where here in one moment or in the other…but the whole summer was great and so I thought that the easiest way to talk about it is with pictures!! Ad ogni modo, la maggior parte di quelli di voi che ora stanno leggendo, sono stati qui, in un momento o in un altro…ma tutta l’estate è...
By Enrica in In Bialowieza forest!

guess what...a wolf!!!!!
September 1, 2008 - Bialowieza, Poland
La parte in italiano è sotto   A wolf!! I still cannot believe it…we sow a wolf! Amazing, it was really amazing…we (Britta and me) were driving down this road (end of Granitcna for who knows the place, although is not written like this for sure…) and just after the corner there was this wolf, something like 20 meters from us, no more…a beautiful gray wolf…such a beautiful animal! It was there, crossing the road, and as soon as he sow us, it turned around and, with an...
By Enrica in In Bialowieza forest!

KUPALLE - Midsummer night festival
July 11, 2008 - Bialowieza, Poland
So I’ll start with Italian (cause I’ve had some complaint about writing in English) but there’s the English part after this! Beh, davvero una gran bella festa…mi son divertita davvero un sacco È stato sabato scorso, è l’idea era di celebrare l’inizio dell’estate (un po’ in ritardo perché il festival si sposta in tutta la regione di finesettimana in finesettimana). Quindi, dopo che ha piovuto per tutto il giorno, la sera alle 9 (pazzesco qui in Polonia…per gli...
By Enrica in In Bialowieza forest!

Summer school
June 19, 2008 - Bialowieza, Poland
Well, this has really been a cool time! An intense week of lectures with a lot of researchers from all over the world and Phd students coming for learning new things and giving their good ideas An than, on night time, a lot of pivos…well, a really good time! And this even give you a bit of courage…cause looks like that it’s possible to live out of this subject…and I’m even starting to reconsider the Phd option…ok, we will see. Before coming here I would have never considered...
By Enrica in In Bialowieza forest!

Nog maar een weekje..
May 26, 2008 - Bialowieza, Poland
Nog maar een weekje en dan is het avontuur alweer over! Dit gegeven maakt mij erg onrustig dus proberen Milena (die as. woensdag al vertrekt) en ik als gekken de laatste week nog zoveel mogelijk te zien en mee te maken in Bialowieza. Afgelopen week zijn we naar de Zoo geweest; een soort dierentuin waar alle dieren uit het oerbos verblijven. De meeste dieren zagen er goed uit, een wildzwijn had zelfs een nest van 9 jongen die languit in de zon elkaar lagen te verdringen voor een plekje...
By Cyril in Cyril in Bialowieza!

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