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Rwanda -Lake Kivu & Gorilla Tracking in Volcano NP
October 14, 2011 - Kigali, Rwanda
We travelled towards the border from Lake Bunyonyi over the most gorgeous mountain pass where heavy road construction was taking place, it was breathtakingly beautiful! Only the poor traffic controllers looked bored out of their heads and exhausted from standing around in the dust, they waved their flags listlessly like they were lead synchronising the flow of bulldozers, trucks and traffic. Trumpet flowers seemed to grow wild along the hillsides in places like arum lilies in Cape Town. So we...
By Alice in macsinafrica

Uganda - Kibale to Lake Bunyonyi
October 9, 2011 - Gisenyi, Rwanda
 ‘That was the best day I’ve had in a long time’ Steve announced as he came out from under the front of our caravan after a full day’s maintenance at the Amaabeere Camp! We make a great partnership, our caravan gives Steve lots of pleasure and opportunity for workmanship..... George however, does not share the same sentiment though he is just as skilful. Steve has had a very good innings the last couple of weeks, plenty of action to keep him energised. There is nothing like a bit of...
By Alice in macsinafrica

Week 3, Part 1 of 2 - Tanzania
September 21, 2010 - Kigali, Rwanda
Friday the 10th of September was Robert’s 25th birthday. It was his shittest birthday ever. We had decided to stay an extra evening in Stone Town, Zanzibar, as all the locals promised us “massive celebrations” and “huge parties” to mark the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Id-Il-Fitr (pronounced eed-ill-feetry) – the four days of celebrations that mark the end of a month of fasting and strict discipline to the Islam faith. Unfortunately, as all Zanzibaris are slimy crooks who...
By Robert & Hendrik in Joburg to Cairo

Spacial management, Kigali / Rwanda
September 21, 2009 - Kigali, Rwanda
The arrival in the evening and the first impression at the airport was warm an dark. The daylight starts 0600 and ends 1800 +/- a few minutes. I got picked up by a new colleague, we met his wife at the office and went to an italien restaurant near by. Meanwhile I'm here for three weeks and I feel quit familar with my place (even it's only a temporary one), my colleagues and all the other new things in my life. That's why I also rescheduled my wife and boy from 03.10. to 31.10., cause at the...
By Harald in Harald @ Fuzzy Travel

Ruhengeri and Parc National Des Volcans
October 25, 2008 - Ruhengeri, Rwanda
The mornings mist had lifted and the climb was becoming more arduous as our party of thirteen made it's way along soggy footpaths shouldering through great bamboo forests thickly packed together. The high altitude was effecting our breathing as we clambered steep banks and over slippery vines occasionally leaving the dense forest and walking into clearings of high stinging nettles. Ants were ferociously biting at my legs and my boots had become heavy from the sticky mud. Then we heard the...
By Kelvin in Long way up - Cape to Cairo

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Gisenyi Kigali Ruhengeri

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