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A lazy day
August 7, 2016 - Mafikeng, South Africa
      7 August   Lovely to have a lay in for a change.  The night was cold but we were snug in our tent and woke to the sound of the sparrow weavers chattering outside.   We made a little fire to boil the kettle and had a leisurely breakfast all on our own in the bush.   Still no hot water, but the repair crew arrived and started to work on it.   Then by car into Mafikeng which is a dusty frontier town but big enough for shops to be open on Sunday – something you wouldn’t find in...
By Mary in Wandering Old Fogies

Day 2 Things are Looking up
August 6, 2016 - Beaufort-West, South Africa
  5 August   Things are looking up!   So it was very cold last night but we were well tucked up under the extra blankets I brought along.   We were woken at 4.30 by a lion roaring just metres away from us.  We thanked goodness for the electric fence around the camp.  There was another lion roaring further away as well.  What an alarm clock!!!  We met people at the reception area who had seen the lion right up against the fence.   So we were up early for a chilly morning to do...
By Mary in Wandering Old Fogies

The day everything went wrong!
August 5, 2016 - Beaufort-West, South Africa
  We finally got away at about 11.30!!!  Everything that could go wrong went wrong!  But at last we were on the road.  The Hex River Valley was beautiful with snow-capped mountains to our left and the grape vines and fruit trees shining in the sun on a lovely clear day.   We then headed on into the Karoo, a large flat open semi-desert region.  It was once a huge inland sea before the continents started drifting apart.  An fossil rich area beloved by paleantologists.   All went well...
By Mary in Wandering Old Fogies

Boats, Lamb, & Ostrich
September 6, 2014 - Johannesburg, South Africa
Today, we got up early and took a boat cruise on the river near the Vaal Dam. I love being on the water! It is so relaxing and soothing. We danced, sang, and ate. The food was delicious! In South Africa, the primary dish is meat not a lot of fruits and vegetables lol. We eat a lot of meat here lol. After the boat ride, we headed back to Johannesburg for a night on the town. We went to Moyo's. Thre was a lot of excellent food! We had a party platter appetizer, and I had ostrich salad and a...
By The World Traveller in The World Traveller

Safaris and Fun
September 5, 2014 - Johannesburg, South Africa
Today, we woke up early to go on a safari! Most images displayed of Africa in general are scenes of huts, animals, hungry children. I have not experienced this Africa. Instead, I've experienced a city just like any major city with luxury cars, restuarants, chic hangout spots, etc. However, today...we are off to see a different side of the country! We pulled into a red dirt park, the lion and hippo park. We drove to the back of the park where we had lunch. Immediately, I noticed the stares. My...
By The World Traveller in The World Traveller

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