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A living piece of Art-Busan, S Korea
February 10, 2009 - Pusan, South Korea
 I took the bullet train to Busan, S Korea, in order to catch the overnight ferry to Shimonoseki, Japan.  no ferry to Shimonoseki that day, so i had to settle for a ferry to Fukuoka, which really screwed up my intention of catching the early am fish market at Shimonoseki.  I rolled with it- the essential purpose of this trip- to let go and flow- reminding myself, that I had no idea what this slight detour would result in.  Foretelling as we`ll see. Besides being a typical port city,...
By Billy in My Explorations

March 15, 2008 - Pusan, South Korea
Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates... I haven't been using the computer that much since mine is still not working and the internet at the hotel is really expensive anyways. Well we have been here in Pusan for almost a week. First something on the names since I know it may be a bit confusing. Sometimes when cities in Korea are written in English they are spelled differently depending on where you see them written. For example, Busan and Pusan are the same city, as are Daejeon and...
By Katie Jean in Asian Tour

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