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Fin de semana dos
July 20, 2009 - Oviedo, Spain
 This weekend was really fun once again. Friday night we went out for dinner in a traditional Austurian restaurant with most of the girls from the group. The food was delicious and they served us their house red wine which was again, very strong. No me gusta haha. But it was a really fun experience and we all got to get to know each other even more and look nice for no real reason. Saturday we had our excursion to Covadongas, an incredible part of Austurias in the mountains. The bus ride was...
By Megan in Sígame por un mes en Oviedo, España

Rainy Field Trip
July 17, 2009 - Oviedo, Spain
 This week has flown by. I had classes all week as usual, and did a little sight seeing with the girls on Tuesday evening. The weather was beautiful so we decided to meet up and go out and see more of the city and take pictures. We saw so many new streets and monuments and took some really fun pictures. After that we all went out para cenar (for dinner) at a restaurant close to the center of Oviedo. We ate so much. It was one of the most fun nights I've had here so far! Yesterday, my...
By Megan in Sígame por un mes en Oviedo, España

Sights to see
July 12, 2009 - Oviedo, Spain
 The past two days have been amazing. I was the only one to have received my luggage, and I did feel terrible about that...but it was indescribably nice to have new clothes on. I had my first real day of classes and learned a lot of grammar review and then had a culture course on Spanish film. At the end of the day, my professor from Emmanuel took us out for "un camino a las calles de Oviedo" or a walk in the streets of Oviedo. We walked from campus through the cider bars and Calle de Mon,...
By Megan in Sígame por un mes en Oviedo, España

Take 2
July 7, 2009 - Oviedo, Spain
 I woke up for my first day of classes very confused and disoriented, but also excited and curious for what was in store for me. I indulged in some hot chocolate and cookies with my host mother (traditional breakfast here...I like it haha), and then she brought me to the University of Oviedo. Keep in mind, I'm in the same clothes from July 4th because of my luggage situation and it is now July 6th. I also have no makeup or hair products, so I took au naturale to the extreme. I walked into...
By Megan in Sígame por un mes en Oviedo, España

Rough start to Oviedo, but slowly improving
July 6, 2009 - Oviedo, Spain
I thought the biggest problem with my luggage was going to be the weight limit, but I was very wrong.  After literally squeezing my entire wardrobe and every hair and body product I own into two bags and entrusting them in the hands of American Airlines to successfully arrive after 3 layovers, I guess I could have guessed it wouldn't have gone as smoothly as I had hoped.  Instead, I was naiively looking out the window on my first flight out of Logan at the colorful fireworks slowly...
By Megan in Sígame por un mes en Oviedo, España

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