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July 3, 2011 - Stockholm, Sweden
 small frogs small frogs they look so funny small frogs small frogs they look so funny and the ears and the ears and their tail and the ears and the ears and their tail kaw ak ak ak kaw ak ak ak.. Got to Sweden and we were picked up at the airport by Patrik anmd Sandra.. We left the next day for Sandras family's country home 20 min outside of Stockholm. It was beautiful. The house was right on the lake so you could jump off of the dock after a sauna sesh and was surrounded by fields full of...
By Laure Helene in Adventures of the Usual Suspects

August 29, 2010 - Stockholm, Sweden
My entire first day in Stockholm was spent checking in newly arriving guests at what was the LONGEST EMBARKATION DAY EVER! Seeing as how we were spending the night in Stockholm, they gave the guests until 7:30pm to get to the ship to check in. So, as you can imagine, a large portion of time was spent doing nothing while we waited for the large rush of groups who waited until the very last minute to get on board. And well, because Nic, Beckie and I were the lucky ones last week with the day...
By Erich DiCenzo in Where in the World is......Erich Roger DiCenzo?

Wonderful Monotony.
July 11, 2010 - Stockholm, Sweden
After eight months of non-stop tourism, it's been nice to enjoy onboard life the past week.  The pictures I took from Stockholm are from the sailaway which takes quite a long time to complete.  Sailing through the Stockholm archipelago takes about four hours and there's a pilot onboard that whole time.  It's quite amazing because you'll be sitting inside next to a window, and then all of a sudden, you'll see trees going by.  Typically we get out into open water quickly.  That's not the...
By Nic in the best journeys aren't in straight lines

July 11, 2010 - Stockholm, Sweden
Finally! A day off of embarkation duties, and a chance to get out and explore Stockholm, Sweden! Maybe “explore” isn’t exactly the right term, for the only thing that Carly, Beckie and I had on our agenda (and our minds), was the word “shop”. Both of the girls had the chance to get off in Stockholm the last time we were here and knew exactly where to go, so I just followed them! And after a bus ride and quick jaunt on the metro, we were in the heart of it all! My first impression...
By Erich DiCenzo in Where in the World is......Erich Roger DiCenzo?

Aboard the cruise ship, Voyager
July 11, 2010 - Stockholm, Sweden
 Just a quick update as it is late: On our way to the cruise ship today, we stopped at Kaknastornet, the highest point in Stockholm.  There are several photos attached taken from the observation deck.  The boat you see in one of the photos is the Voyager.   We arrived at the cruise ship about 1:00 pm.  Check in went very smoothly and we headed to the pool deck.  Our ship sailed promptly at 5:00.   It took about three hours to cruise through the archipelago.  There are houses on some...
By Karen in Where in the World...are Karen and Wayne?

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