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Les roaders à Stockholm
May 9, 2010 - Uppsala, Sweden
Voilà déjà un petit bout de temps que nous ne vous avions pas donné de nouvelles, mais ne vous inquiétez pas, on ne vous a pas oublié !!! Des nouvelles en veux-tu ? en voilà…La traversée jusqu’à Stockholm fut forte en émotions, que ce soit celle du palais qui se délecte de saumon fumé fraîchement pêché dans le lac Vänern, à celle d’Eric qui laisse sa petite Flo à l’hôpital suite à une infection (rassurez-vous, rien de bien grave, j’ai pu ressortir après 24...
By Floriane in Cap nord aller retour

April 20, 2008 - Uppsala, Sweden
My most recent adventure has been a road trip to Russia! Now, this was not just me and my friends renting a car and going to Russia or anything, it was a whole organized trip that is put together for (mostly international) students in Sweden. We took a ferry from Stockholm to Turku and we all loaded onto two busses and headed for the Russian border. Crossing the borders were crazy.. this was the first time I have crossed a country's border on land (well, except Malmo to Copenhagen, but...
By Torii in In Sweden!

Getting to know Sweden a little bit better
March 30, 2008 - Uppsala, Sweden
Easter weekend my friends and I went on a road trip to the south west coast of Sweden.  Since all the Swedes went home for about a week around easter, it was the perfect time to go on a 5 day drive, and see a little bit more of the country we have been living in.  We got up and left Flogsta at 7am Friday morning, and drove to Göteborg.  We got there and it was mid afternoon and so we spend the rest of the day just exploring and getting to know the city.  Needless to say we were totally...
By Torii in In Sweden!

Estonia & Amsterdam other happenings
March 18, 2008 - Uppsala, Sweden
I sorta haven't updated in a while... Well, the 1st through 3rd of February I went to Estonia, by ferry. To sum up: it was stressful. The ferry ride was SIXTEEN hours long! left in the evening, like 6pm, and arrived at 10 am. It was very wavy, and thank goodness no one told me about the ferry that sank in the 90's doing a similar trip, because my friends and I would have been hysterical during the really rocky hours. The city was beautiful, well, the old city was.. and thats really all...
By Torii in In Sweden!

Stockholm Adventure #1!!
January 25, 2008 - Uppsala, Sweden
Today a few ladies and I went to Stockholm!     We took a fairly short train ride right into the city around 1130 am, and walked around a shopped all day! (don't worry mom & dad I only bought a hat, it was 70% off.)  It is a beautiful city! We walked around Gamla Stan (Old Town) and enjoyed the narrow streets and colorful buildings.  And then, almost out of nowhere, huge open spaces with the river and docked sailboats and buildings lining the shore is in front of you.  It's really cool...
By Torii in In Sweden!

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