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Day 32 - Interlaken, Switzerland
July 28, 2012 - Interlaken, Switzerland
I woke up this morning to the gentle sound of rain around 9:30am. The valley is as beautiful in the rain as it is on a good day. I got up and headed downstairs for free breakfast (2 toasts, 1 cheese and 2 cafes). I sat at a table with a couple of my friends and a few new people. Nothing too exciting went on at breakfast. The two girls I had met from Utah (who now live in Phoenix) were planning to hike today which is exactly what I wanted to do so I piggybacked on their plans. I had to pack...
By Lyndsay in Europe 2012

Day 31 - Interlaken, Switzerland
July 27, 2012 - Interlaken, Switzerland
I guess you could say that a long agonizingly painful day yesterday was offset when I woke up lakeside in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The view from our balcony was a beautiful teal green lake surrounded by a 360 degree view of green landscapes. The mountain ranges were massive, making the Rockies in Alberta seem small. Little Swiss lodges and villages were scattered throughout the valley and as the sun beat down you could feel the sense of peace and tranquility. It's exactly how I had...
By Lyndsay in Europe 2012

Interlaken 23 - 28 Sept
December 15, 2009 - Interlaken, Switzerland
I had a really nice time in Interlaken. The name means "between the lakes" and it was a very beautiful region. At first coming into Switzlerand on the train I was surprised to see such large and beautiful lakes: there is much less need for any beach when you have such enormous and swimmable lakes.On our first day Dale and I gawked at the surrounding "Toblerone" ice-capped mountains - which we walked around in t-shirts in the town. Interlaken is a smaller town and I really appreciated that...
By Nhi in Our excellent adventure

June 22, 2009 - Interlaken, Switzerland
It rained for two days in Interlaken, ie the whole time that we were there!  When the sun finally came out for a few hours, we walked along the rivers around Interlaken and discovered some of the beautiful sceneries.  There would have been heaps to do had the weather permitted.  Nevertheless, it turned out to be an opportunity for us to rest up. Highlight – the aqua rivers and lakes. Lowlight – the rain! Hotel – Chalet Oberland – again the room that we got was completely different...
By Jimmy and Carmen in Jimmy & Carmen's Europe Trip 2009

Interlaken and the swine flu
April 27, 2009 - Interlaken, Switzerland
  So im in interlaken switzerland, just catching up on facebook, email, and  news.....what the heck is this swine flu? jess and i are worried they are going to close the borders and we will be stuck here!! someone please reassure me that this will not happen.    anyway, it has been SO much fun here.....its a lot like summer camp on crack. Our first day (sat) we just hung out w ppl from our hostel....since our hostel has a clubbar, we just went there and it was PACKED.  it was a ton of...
By Kristi in Backpacking Europe

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