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A Day in Luzern
June 18, 2011 - Luzern, Switzerland
  Luzern is set among the mountains at the end of a large lake. Our campsite is on the water in a bay just outside of the main part of the city. Yesterday we spent the day at the beach relaxing. Today we headed into the city by bus. Much like all of the cities we have visited, Luzern is an historic city with an intact ‘old part’ of town. Unlike many of the cities we have visited, however, its setting on the lake surrounded by montains is stunning. We began our visit with crossing the...
By Peter in The Liljedahl's European Odyssey 2011

03-August-2010 Luzern
August 3, 2010 - Luzern, Switzerland
Luzern-pouring rain, apparently it rains 90% of the time here. Switzerland has some stunning scenery and everything is so green. went for a boat cruise on the huge lake. Luzern is very easy to get around,went to the top of Mt.Pilatus by cable car--the last bit was abit hairy--mum shit herself-top was foggy and cold(4deg) fog cleared just berfore we left.Great scenery.Went for alook around and went shopping for watches and knives. went for a wagon ride in the countryside very beautiful...
By Bill in Dianne and Bills Euro Tour

June 23, 2009 - Luzern, Switzerland
We must have brought the rain with us.  It also rained for two days in Lucerne! Although it was raining, Lucerne is still a beautiful city.  To soak it all in, we walked across the Chapel Bridge, around the old town, along the lakeside and the Musegg Wall and Towers.  We also visited the Lion Monument and cruised on Lake Lucerne.  We spent a couple of hours inside the Glacier Garden where we learned that Lucerne was a tropical beach some 20 million years ago before the ice age!  The...
By Jimmy and Carmen in Jimmy & Carmen's Europe Trip 2009

Snow, glorious snow!
September 15, 2007 - Luzern, Switzerland
Yay yay yay….snowball fight here we come! She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes…..A long long long 2 hour train ride up the swiss alps here we come. The morning didn’t start off to great, I got up early to go chop some tomatoes (cookie duty) and then as I was about to leave to go catch the train up the mountain, I realized id left my runners on the bus underneath my seat. But when I went to check…..they weren’t there. So I was running around like a mad chook, as the...
By Niesha in Niesh & Ursh's America and Europe Trip 2007!!!!

Swiss alps!!
September 14, 2007 - Luzern, Switzerland
So basically Switzerland just carried on the beauty from Austria. Beautiful and green….and snow capped mountains! YAY! It was such a lovely drive! And that’s pretty much all we did today….drive. Another long driving day! We stopped to take a photo which was so picturesque it looked fake! There were a few breaks but nothing really to do that day. We did stop in Liechtenstein for lunch, where we managed another stamp for the passport, but we weren't there long. Just a lunch stop, a bit of...
By Niesha in Niesh & Ursh's America and Europe Trip 2007!!!!

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