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5th December 2009
December 5, 2009 - Ayutthaya, Thailand
Today it was  kings birthday - he was 82.  It is one of the largest events in Thailands calender.  Ayutthaya seemed to go nuts for it.  When we were in Bangkok there we fairy lights errected everywhere and more pictures of his majesty were put up everywhere.  Around these pictures elaborate offerings we placed and many flowers cultivated.  It was crazy too see.  Australia would never get so excited bout one of our royals party.  Its hard to convey how much the thai people honor there...
By Amy & Andrew in Andrew & Amy

fresh arrived in Ayutthaya
October 17, 2009 - Ayutthaya, Thailand
gester hämmer no en easy day in BKK verbrocht bevor s'höt am 7ni hetti selle los go nach Ayutthaya..aber well mer nid i de Schwiz sind, is halt erst am ca. 8ti los gange. met em Minibus sind mer ca. 2Stund in Norde gfahre. ca. am 10ni in Ayutthaya a cho hends eus ines schönes Boutique Guesthouse brocht (Baan Eve heissts falls ihr im internet möchted go nocheluege. öbrigens met free Wifi). Unterkunft isch würklich sehr herzig gmacht, sehr familiär und fründlich. nochher...
By Franziska und Pascal in Unterwegs mit Franziska und Pascal

Ayuthaya, Thailand
March 13, 2009 - Ayutthaya, Thailand
 From Sukhothai we took the bus to Ayuthaya a city just north of Bangkok. To our misfortune the bus dropped us off on the highway about 6 km east of town around 5pm and believe it or not there was not a single taxi or rickshaw waiting to pick up passengers. So after some searching, we decided to start walking. Well, we walked the entire way with our two heavy backpacks, a small rucksack and two paintings and not a single taxi went by!!! This has never ever happened the entire time we’ve...
By David and Daniela in David and Daniela's "World" Tour

September 26, 2008 - Ayutthaya, Thailand
Los puntos mas destacables de esta ciudad que tiene su casco histórico sobre una isla rodeada de ríos fueron primero el hostal donde nos alojamos y segundo los paseos en bici que nos dimos por las ruinas de los templos, tanto de día, como de noche. El hostal consta de dos casonas de la época colonial en un terreno bastante grande con un pequeño estanque con nenúfares y flores de loto detrás de las mismas. Como todas las casas construidas en la época pre aire acondicionado, dispone de...
By Mathilde y Veridiano in Trotasferis

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