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Koh Chang
December 31, 2011 - Ko Chang, Thailand
Hey everyone, happy new year. We left Heathrow on 17 November for the second leg and reached Bangkok with no problems - no signs of flooding anywhere we went luckily as some places got it bad.  However, we've heard since from people here that it was nothing like as bad as the press made out, and even heard one story of a BBC journalist standing in a puddle to do the commentary for his piece about the floods!  We checked into a little backstreet hotel in S31 in the south east - all the roads...
By Dina in Dina and Zuby

Thailand: Part one - Koh Chang
January 24, 2011 - Ko Chang, Thailand
  We’d been waiting for this one for a long time. When we finished work for the Christmas holidays we were so excited to be going to Thailand the very next day! We arrived in Thailand around midnight and went straight to an airport hotel to grab a few hours of sleep before heading back to the airport in the morning to catch a bus to Koh Chang. The bus journey was quite long and we were pretty exhausted so slept for quite a lot of it. When we got to the port the bus had more than a few...
By Gemma in my travels while teaching abroad

Of death defying feats and sundry other stuff...
June 26, 2009 - Ko Chang, Thailand
 Kate here. Ok, just for the record, the "y" keyy is super senstive and wants to be included in everything. I feel sorry for it so if an extra "y" creeps in I'm lettting it stay. Call me a softy but it is just too hard to edit after the day we just had... Also - I'm not Bee, I can't write like her and I'm jealous as anything so don't make me feel bad by drawing comparasons (Matt, this comment is aimed pointedly at you). Also want to point out that at 11pm with a sore head spelling is...
By the Family Webster in the Family Webster in The Road to Siam

aquatic-fantastic-delicious-dynamic nothingness
June 25, 2009 - Ko Chang, Thailand
 Y'know what i really dont miss about the domestic suburbs of Melbourne? How you cant do nothing without someone complaining about it, thats what. (dont think too much about that sentence; if you do then youll start to get a different meaning from it that wasnt what i meant it to be, i just couldn't get the right words.) Today was ( I think ) the most strenuos day of doing nothing i have ever encountered in my short but satisfying  life.Our itinerary for the day was so full of holes where...
By the Family Webster in the Family Webster in The Road to Siam

Island Life
June 24, 2009 - Ko Chang, Thailand
So just in case anyone was wondering, island life is pretty darn tough. Today we hiked a whopping 1.5km so that we could swim in a beautiful and impressive waterfall, stopping only to feed some elephants whole pineapples and bananas. We ate the best bbq roadside chicken with sticky rice. Kate and Bee got a laugh out of Steve trying to reverse park a kayak on the river. Kate and Steve got a laugh out of watching the kids play tug-of-war between their kayak and a very friendly dog who had a...
By the Family Webster in the Family Webster in The Road to Siam

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