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October 8, 2010 - Gallipoli, Turkey
today we left at 6.30am for our tour to gallipoli. the drive down took about 5 hours, and we had lunch provided once we got there. on the way down we stopped for a break and went toilet. they were the ones where you have to squat, and i kindda just stood there looking at it lol. (not quite awake!) our tour guide was fantastic, and we learnt alot from him. (ill explain more in the photos when i get a chance to put them up) anzac day will mean alot more to me now! it was really great to be able...
By Erin and Scott in Adventures of Kiwi and the Convict

Anzac Day at Gallipoli 2009
April 28, 2009 - Gallipoli, Turkey
 Hey everybody, Well I finally have time to update my journal and let you all know how amazing Turkey was.  I'll start from the beginning. Dean (Annie...Dean is one of my mates from the pub)...picked me up at 2am on Wednesday morning and took me to Gatwick airport.  Took us about an hour to get there, and my flight wasn't until 6:40am.  But that didn't matter as I was able to check in my bag and then look around the shops a bit.  I was a bit nervous as to whether everything was going to...
By Victoria in My Big OE

Hello From Istanbul!!!
April 26, 2009 - Gallipoli, Turkey
Hey Guys, Just a quıck note to let you know that I havent been kıdnapped by the Turks, they actually arent as bad as I thought they would be! I thınk Balı was worse than ıt ıs here! Anyway, thıs ıs just a real quıck note as I need to get back to my hotel, but I wıll do an entry the mınute I get back home to let you all know everythıng I have been up to and how the Anzac servıce went! Hope everyone ıs well! Love you all and mıss you heaps! xxxxxxx
By Victoria in My Big OE


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