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May 10, 2012 - Selçuk, Turkey
So I know I had promised better updates, and that I have failed (so far). I made it to Isanbul is the first piece of news I guess! Had some flight issues and got in later than planned but the point is that I got there! My first bit of time in the city was great! I did a lot of the touristy things... Visiting the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern.... For me, Hagia Sophia was the best. I had 'a moment' there. I cant wait go share photos! I also went (twice) to the grand bazaar and the...
By Stephanie in Europe: Round 2

Турция, Сельчук, Эфес
January 8, 2009 - Selçuk, Turkey
  Из развалин Трои, путешественники переместились в небольшой городок Сельчук, расположенный рядом с Эфесом. По пути туда, автобус проехал через Измир, где, кстати и родился Гомер,  пропиаривший Трою.   Развалины Эфеса, по утверждениям турецких товарищей, являются самыми...
By Jack Sheremetoff in movıng around


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