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From Pizza to Haggis
October 23, 2011 - Scotland, United Kingdom
There was no mistaking it.  We were in Scotland.  As I hopped off the airport shuttle in downtown Edinburgh, I spotted the kilted bagpiper on the corner playing his tunes.  Not far from him, I spotted an older man in his kilt buying groceries.  Men in kilts… we definitely were no longer in Italy.Thanks to the fact that Luigi's son David was in Edinburgh on a temporary work assignment,  we left our pasta haven and flew to the land of Haggis, Scotch and Bagpipes.  After dropping our...
By Nancy and Luigi in To Italy (again)!

Soothing Scottish Spring
June 7, 2010 - Scotland, United Kingdom
Well I've been on another trip to my second home country, Scotland.. It always does something special for me. I feel recharged and inspired now that I'm back in Holland and I was in need of that! In need of the hills, fresh air, fish & chips, my wonderful scottish colourful friends, pounds, the music! And I got it all and this time Nana came along and shared all this with me. And she too fell in love with this magic country.. I got to see Callen the beautiful son of my dear friends Liam &...
By Frederik in Electric Bumbelbee

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