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August 20, 2016 - Burlington, Vermont, United States
So here it is, the very last installment of my gap year blog! I wanted to update all of you on what I’ve been up to since I got home, and my plans for the future. During the last four and a half months, I’ve spent time visiting with family and friends, especially during the Fourth of July weekend with my cousins up at our camp. My mom and I also went down to Bryn Mawr College for her 25th reunion, and it was really cool to be there with the alumnae when I’ll be a student myself soon....
By Beckie in Travels with Beckie

Endless and Immeasurable Deliverance
March 11, 2016 - Denver, Colorado, United States
I know I haven't written in awhile, but I really feel so called to share this with you all today.  Praying the Lord is working and moving in all of your lives in new and incredible ways! My relationship with the Lord is definitely not even close to where I want it to be right now.  Although yesterday, the Lord gave me a lot of the afternoon to myself to realize just how far He's brought me. As I reflect on it today, I can only fall more in love with Him who never leaves me nor forsakes me,...
By Sarah in Seeking Glory--Sarah Elbing

Adventures of the Mind
August 7, 2015 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Only two days after getting back to Vermont from Jordan, I left again to go to a conference in Philadelphia called Adventures of the Mind. In retrospect, it wasn't a good idea to leave again so soon; I don't have enough time at home as it is and I think since I was missing Burlington I couldn't enjoy Adventures quite as much. Aside from that, though, it was a good experience, and I definitely learned a lot! I found out about Adventures of the Mind when my guidance counselor got an email from...
By Beckie in Travels with Beckie

Host Families and the End of Chapter One
July 30, 2015 - Burlington, Vermont, United States
And I'm home! The past six weeks have been so intense and amazing that it's hard to believe I'm done, back in the U.S. and having slept in my own bed. And yet again I'm surprised by how quickly you fit back into your old routine, how it seems strange for only such a short amount of time. I was so glad to see everyone, my parents, my brother, my cat, my neighbors, and even some of my friends when I went to a Very Merry Theatre performance the Friday I got back! I left you all right before...
By Beckie in Travels with Beckie

On Our Way
June 16, 2015 - Washington, District of Columbia, United States
One last post before we leave for Jordan, since I don't know when I'll be able to post once I'm there. We'll be getting to Jordan the day after tomorrow, insha'allaah (hopefully)! Yesterday, we had our first Arabic lessons and quiz, and we're learning quickly already! We're able to introduce ourselves, ask each other questions, and speak in some sentences. We gave 2-minute presentations today to introduce our roommates in Arabic, which was stressful but we could all do it! It's really cool!...
By Beckie in Travels with Beckie

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