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{2013 Dec} The Night Before Christmas
December 14, 2013 - Eielson Afb, Alaska, United States
Its December 2013! The weirdest winter yet! December started of with light snow on the ground and then it decided to rain and it melted almost all the snow that we had. Then the next day, it begins to snow, dumping a few inches. Then as the week progresses it begins to snow more, but this time, we are really getting dumped on. Forecast says advisory lake effect snow until Wednesday, 6-10 inches. Then on Thursday, more snow and the forcast now says, Thursday night. We go from no snow to over...
By Family in Alaskan Road Trip

{2012 June} On the Move
June 1, 2012 - Eielson Afb, Alaska, United States
Its been a while....and a lot has happened since our family move to Alaska. I loved living in Alaska, it is a place you have to live in to really get the true feel of Alaska. My family was on tour for 4 years at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. However, things took a drastic change for my family when I was hit with news from my husband. "I want a divorce, I"m just not happy anymore". My Eldest son Alec is attending 8th Grade in North Pole, Alaska when I tell him the news, "We're...
By Family in Alaskan Road Trip

{2009 July} Seeing Sarah Palin
July 29, 2009 - Eielson Afb, Alaska, United States
As many of you may know, our family moved up near Fairbanks, Alaska back in May. We actually live in a small little town called North Pole, where it's Christmas all year long! We have had some exciting moments in just the two months since we have made our way up here. First we drove up; we traveled from North Dakota through Montana and up into Canada. We hit the Alaskan Highway and headed north to the border. We took our time, a 10 day trip. It was quite amazing. We arrived up here and bought...
By Family in Alaskan Road Trip

{2009 June} Still finding our place in Alaska.....
June 4, 2009 - Eielson Afb, Alaska, United States
Hello everyone; just wanted to post a quick note to update you on our first two weeks here in the Last Frontier State.  They might call Japan "The Land of the Rising Sun" but this place is literally "The Land of the MIDNIGHT Sun!"  We look out the window at 10pm and its still sunny as can be.  For instance, tomorrow, June 5th, 2009 the sun will rise at 3:22am and will not set until 12:12am the next morning!!  Thats almost 21 hours of the sun being in the sky above us!  The rest of the...
By Family in Alaskan Road Trip

Are we There YET!
May 25, 2009 - Eielson Afb, Alaska, United States
 {Trip Day: 10} Bever Creek, Yukon Canada - Eielson Air Force Base, North Pole Alaska     We stayed the night at Buckshot Betty's Cabin in Beaver Creek. It was a nice place and the cheapest place we stayed the whole trip. We decided to sleep in today because the trip is getting so tiring and we are all feeling the wear and tear of traveling. Plus we did not go to bed   until like 2am which its still a dark dusk at this time.  I think the sun comes up around 4 or 4:20. Maybe earlier not...
By Family in Alaskan Road Trip


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