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Sun & Fun
February 1, 2014 - Yuma, Arizona, United States
Palm Springs did not disappoint.  It was not quite as warm as usual, but mid and high 70's for Christmas and New Year's was okay.  Our campsite was across the road from the pickleball courts making it convenient to play.  Only a few RV parks have courts, so we play whenever we can. We did a couple hikes NE of the Salton Sea.  One hike was an oasis and the other at a slot canyon. On our way to the Yuma area, we stayed a couple nights at Niland, CA, on the Salton Sea.  This time we were...
By Mel in Vagabond Elfrings

"But it's a dry heat!"
May 30, 2013 - Phoenix, Arizona, United States
 We continued our windy and dusty trek through America's southwest. In Arizona we abondoned the interstate for a while to take a local road that we traveled last year. We revisited the site of Tom Mix's departure from this world. For the younger readers, Tom Mix was America's movie cowboy before John Wayne. This part of the desert is quite different than the parts through Texas, New Mexico and eastern Arizona. Here the giant saguaro were in bloom along with other cacti. In Mesa we had a...
By William in On The Road Again

Valley of the Sun
January 17, 2013 - Phoenix, Arizona, United States
 I am getting lazy at writing and I promised myself I wouldn't do that.   Is it a good excuse that I have been so darn busy with so many different things that I just didn't have time? ..... No? ...... I thought so and feel very guilty.    Oh well, here is my update. Connie was on her way home and I was on my way to Sun City and my good friends Howard and Penny Senn.   They live in this lovely home in quiet Sun City and always are so, so very good to me when I visit.   I will...
By Dave in The Winter Adventure of 2012-2013

Southwest Adventures
January 6, 2013 - Green Valley, Arizona, United States
Well, I made my way to San Antonio without any serious problems.   It was a beautiful trip and I got to know a little more about Texas and Texans.   They wave a lot of flags and like their guns .... for sure .... but many are very, very nice people.   Checked into my camp and settled the fifth wheel within the confines of Hidden Valley RV Park.   Nice little place and owners are very nice folks.   The park is right on the Alamo River and just outside of San Antonio.   I heard...
By Dave in The Winter Adventure of 2012-2013

September 21, 2012 - Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
Everyone is very happy that we have the day to ourselves with no rushing to put suitcases out or getting on coaches. We had a lovely lay in and wandered over to the grill beside the hotel for a late breakfast. We walked back to the hotel and took a walk around the 1.5 mile loop in the grounds. It was a beautiful walk through Pondorosa pines with the mountains in the distance. We saw a group of 4 deer quite close to us and we watched them watching us for a few moments before they ran off into...
By Linda in East to West USA

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