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11 weeks and counting
June 12, 2011 - Tucson, Arizona, United States

By Patty And Jim in On the road again!!

T-Minus 36 hours and counting......
May 21, 2010 - Tucson, Arizona, United States
  All the shakedown rides are over. Everything has been checked and rechecked, nine ways from Tuesday. All that remains to be done is to find an industrial sized shoehorn and try to get everything crammed into the trailer. I took the day off tomorrow (Friday) just so I can go over everything one more time and be able to take my time putting things into the trailer in some kind of proper order….first in - last out. Earlier this month I built a table that fastens to the side of the trailer...
By Stan in Into the Wind...Pt. 2

May 3, 2010 - Tucson, Arizona, United States
 Vanavond weer een kort bericht. (het is bij jullie al 7 uur 's-morgens). Vandaag heerlijk rustig aan gedaan. Prachtig zomerweer. Hotelkamer pal aan het strand. Bij hoogwater komt de zee tot 5 meter van ons balkon. Een paradijs. We hebben dus genoten van de zee, het strand en heel veel zon. Carlsbad is een prachtige badplaats. Niet te vergelijken met onze badplaatsen of die in Spanje. Geen lelijke hoogbouw. Alle huizen in Victoriaanse stijl. Straten zijn blinkend schoon. Zo kan het dus ook....
By Harrie in USA Golden States - Harrie en Marianne

Day 1......
March 14, 2010 - Tucson, Arizona, United States
   Today, actually tomorrow, is the first day of the new riding vehicle, today is the first day of the journal. As a few of you know, I rode a Honda Shadow to Alaska last summer, covering 10,351 miles, 9 states, 3 Canadian Provinces and 25 Dairy Queens. This year, my spousal equivalent has decided that she'd rather not be left in Tucson this summer while I cruise around the country and since I'm not fond of riding two up on two wheels, I bought another wheel. We'll still be riding "Into...
By Stan in Into the Wind...Pt. 2

Yuma, AZ To Tucson, AZ
February 7, 2010 - Tucson, Arizona, United States
The day we left Yuma, we had an unexpected delay.  When I woke up, Lanny told me that the three middle fingers on his right hand were paralyzed and numb.  We got dressed and located an Urgent Care.  By the time we saw the doctor, nothing else had happened and they didn't have the facilities to do any testing.  Now we know, just go straight to ER.  The doctor pretty much ruled out a stroke, UTI, or heart attack.  He figured that a nerve had been pinched and the feeling and use of his...
By Mel in Vagabond Elfrings

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