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The Playgrounds of Others
May 13, 2012 - Hiawassee, Georgia, United States
Leisure lostamidst the fraymocks my soulday after day...after day...after day... Driving through the playgrounds of othersextracts a toll of the soul, not subtlewith white knuckles & misty eyes...I peer out from mycloistered & bereft bubble Leisure lostamidst the fraymocks my soulday after day... Waking up to see the lightslowly emerging from the nightI can barely dread to seethat which takes shape before meEmerging from the hazeas I steeled my transfixed gazewhile all the country I...
By Rick in The R&R Trucker (Reluctant & Reflective)

Learning from Firsts....
April 9, 2012 - Hiawassee, Georgia, United States
I've been writing this entry in my head for weeks now...so it's about time that I share a series of "Firsts" with you! There's more than I can count and actually care to share...LOL...but I've selected a few that hopefully has some merit and perhaps even a bit of reflective value.... First stayover in Charlotte: as the routes go, I'm fortunate to travel the lanes up and down through Charlotte. According to my schedule and ultimate destination, there are times that I'm able to pull in a truck...
By Rick in The R&R Trucker (Reluctant & Reflective)

Melissa from Cuthbert
January 22, 2012 - Hiawassee, Georgia, United States
Transcedence....those moments when some needed truth, some necessary message is made available to us...if only we see and listen...is such a profound thing.  And the messenger of transcedence...the carrier of the the timely wisdom can often be very surprising. Meet Melissa, from Cuthbert, S. Georgia...a waitress at Huddle House, where Randy and I started our last day out on the road before returning home for our current home time.  A black, late 30s to early 40s women, with a peaceful...
By Rick in The R&R Trucker (Reluctant & Reflective)

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