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College Park, Maryland.
July 16, 2009 - Valdosta, Georgia, United States
 We're FINALLY here! We left around 9:30 this morning , and drove for a few hours.Alicia went into Walmart so we could restock our groceries. We ate lunch at a random rest-stop and then continued driving until we made it to Maryland. The rv campground here is really nice.!Probably nicer than most of the ones we have been to so far. Tomorrow we all have to get up super early (around 5:30) to mkae it to the bus well be taking to the Whitehouse. Other than the waking up incredibly early, im...
By Alicia in American Idle

Williamsburg, VA .
July 15, 2009 - Valdosta, Georgia, United States
 Hello readers, this is Scarlett doing the blogging for today :] ( if my mom is reading this, i Love you ! ) After we left our campground in Charlottesville we went to Jamestown. We had alot of fun visiting the indian huts and going aboard the ships like the ones the settlers came on. By the time we got to our next rv campground ( the one were currenly at) everyone was worn out. This morning we got up and went to Colonial Williamsburg.The weather outside was perfect ! We walked around for a...
By Alicia in American Idle

April 4, 2009 - Valdosta, Georgia, United States
We had a nice time last night...lots of happy hour action visiting with lots of friends, then brats on the grill with Dave T. - I got to cook, and they turned out well! Saturday was a lot of waiting, and finally Round One. Unfortunately RJ broke out and lost the round, but the car ran great and that's just how it goes some days!  We'll stay tonight, cook out, and go to the round track race, then leave early tomorrow.     
By Alicia in American Idle

Friday in Valdosta
April 3, 2009 - Valdosta, Georgia, United States
Last nights trip to Valdosta seemed quick (4 hours) compared to our recent longer drives...we got in about 10pm, just in time for a big thunderstorm. Parked outside the gate and snoozed! We got parked this morning and are all set up...I'm working and RJ is getting the car ready to run.  
By Alicia in American Idle

Akron, Nashville, Greenville, Valdosta!
February 11, 2009 - Valdosta, Georgia, United States
 Yikes, it's been a while!  And again, I find myself writing this entry at 3am!  So again, please ignore all the grammatical errors I am going to type fast! Akron, Ohio Akron was amazing.  Plain and simple.  Thank you so much to all my family who came out and saw me in the show.  The theatre was HUGE!  It wasn't a full/packed house, but it was still great to have familiar faces in the audience.  Akron actually has been the biggest theatre we have performed in...however, Toledo still...
By Matthew in Matthew's Travelogue!


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