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Hawaii - Maui
November 20, 2009 - Kihei, Hawaii, United States
Aloha So the McP's has spent a very pleasant week here on Maui. For a start oor condo (I know!) was the damage. Cracking wee pad right on the beachfront in Kihei on the West coast of South Maui. Confused? Read on. Maui is an amazing place. It's like two mountains stuck together wi a wee flat strip. Ken them wee plastic spoons ye get that one half is a tablespoon and the other half is a desert spoon? Maui is like one o them upside-doon. Seriously. The tablespoon is South Maui wi a huge...
By Paul & Jacs in McPlodding Roond The McPlanet

for the dippets
November 15, 2009 - Kihei, Hawaii, United States
just in case some of you are as dim as the truely wonderful person writing this, if you click on the photos, you will see paul's COMMENTARY on our journey.
By Paul & Jacs in McPlodding Roond The McPlanet

A beautiful drive to Lahaina
April 29, 2008 - Kihei, Hawaii, United States
Yesterday ended up being a down day for rest and recouperation.  Late in the afternoon, we took a drive down the coast to Lahaina.  The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, both the mountain ranges and the water.  There was quite a bit of traffic headed in the direction of Kihei, where we are staying, but something about traffic on a coastline seems to be much more calming than the 580 road rage we are all used to. Lahaina is our next stop on Friday when we move to the Royal Lahaina Resort...
By Michael in Weingand Adventures

Can care really be "urgent" in Hawaii??
April 29, 2008 - Kihei, Hawaii, United States
No one knows for sure since Michael was the only visitor to the urgent care facility last night in Kihei.  If you don't jump on those upper respiratory problems...they will surely turn into that bad pneumonia.  But I can tell you that Michael had an enjoyable chat with the doctor while the x-rays were being processed.  Maybe you can get better medical care when your doctor has time to spend with you on your health.....hmmmm. Tomorrow will most likely be a down day for the family while...
By Michael in Weingand Adventures

Alina's morning on the beach
April 28, 2008 - Kihei, Hawaii, United States
Another beautiful morning starting out with a cup of coffee and a walk on the beach with the girl. Alina finally will tolerate being faced out in the Baby Bjorn and enjoys the sights as we head down the beach. The beach is pristine and the sand feels good between your toes. On our return to the condo, Michael had Alina standing in the sand while the waves rushed up and surrounded her. She seems to really enjoy the water and Michael was able to entertain her for quite some time with this...
By Michael in Weingand Adventures

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