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Big Island
March 4, 2010 - Kona, Hawaii, United States
Aloha! Dä Start vo eusem Bsuech vo dä gröschte Insle vo Hawaii esch prägt gsi dorch d'Warterei uf dä Tsunami, wo dänn schlussendli "nor" d'Ostköschte betroffe hät, nöd aber d'Westköschte wo mer eus befunde händ. Trotzdem händ die lokale Behörde vel Vorsicht walte loh, sodass mer dä ganz Tag mehrheitlich met warte verbrocht händ. Am nächschte Tag send mer go s'Dorf aluege, händ e Bierbrauerei bsuech (inkl. Bierdegustation) und send go schnorchle. Näbed velne bontä Fisch esch...
By Franziska und Pascal in Unterwegs mit Franziska und Pascal

skype or shite name more like
November 22, 2009 - Kona, Hawaii, United States
 Spoke to the folks this morning.  My dad is 65 tomorrow and has retired and had a small gathering of like minded friends & family around boozing so I thought it would be a good time to say hi.  Ah technology!  I get to see their mushes as well as speak to them. Eileen asked what has been the best bit.  A bit hard to think of what when put on the spot but I guess it would boil down to 1.  sunrise over monument valley, 2.  actually arriving in hawaii and 3. the first glimpse of the...
By Paul & Jacs in McPlodding Roond The McPlanet

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