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Unas Observaciones
July 25, 2008 - Boise City, Idaho, United States
:::::     La gente (the people...in general, and as a further extension of my parenthetical statement, i like that "the people" is represented with a singluar noun) don't really wear short shorts.  I don't know why, because at the beach they really don't seem to have any problems with modesty.  Maybe it's some random extension of American sex-obsessed culture that we need to show almost all of our legs, but nipples on TV will rouse the pitchfork-toting mobs.  People do seem to enjoy...
By Lael in Gaztemundu

Leavin' soon
June 21, 2008 - Boise City, Idaho, United States
I'm procastinating packing, messing about on the internet, my room is a pile of clothes and toiletry bags, my mom is yelling at me to hurry up... the trip is getting close. Just now, it's getting to the point where I'm excited.  It takes me awhile before all the upcoming excitement becomes tangible for me.  It will probably not fully manifest itself until we get to the airport.
By Lael in Gaztemundu

America part 2
January 25, 2008 - Boise City, Idaho, United States
Managed to do loads since we last wrote, but dont worry we're not gona write loads and send you all to sleep, we'll be brief!! Been snowboarding a few times, Andys got really good, Ellys got really Bad at it!!! think its time to give up! Been to the Zoo and Art Gallery in Boise. Visted Idaho City which had about 6 feet of snow! Visited Salt Lake city Shot a semi automatic rifle and a Shotgun, Elly was a bit traumatised by this!! dont think ill be doing it again soon!!! Went to watch a roping...
By Elly and Andy in Elly and Andys world tour!

America So far
January 8, 2008 - Boise City, Idaho, United States
So far so good! California was ace, amazing beaches and countryside! we drove nearly the whole way from L.A to San Francisco with the beach right next to us which was beautiful! San Francisco was great, we ended us staying in a really nice (and a bit to expensive!) hotel as all the cheap hotels we went into smelt like curry houses and there were no hostels in sight!!! (have'nt really got into the whole backpacking thing yet!!!) We went on one of the cable cars which was fun and went to...
By Elly and Andy in Elly and Andys world tour!


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